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The fully integrated learning platform that gives you so much more

The learning platform with a difference

Say goodbye to multiple, confusing online learning platforms and hello to one seamless learning ecosystem. Totara Kineo Edition uses technologies built to work together to close the gaps in your learning cycle.

Get access to the learning modules that you need when you need them. Choose between Totara Learn, Totara Perform and Totara Engage. Each module is designed to work perfectly on its own and seamlessly when put together, bringing you a single space to deliver learning and assess skills across your business.

Kineo Edition learning and talent suite

Use the below buttons to learn more about our fully integrated offer: Totara Kineo Edition or find out more about each individual module    

Get the power and flexibility to deliver learning with impact and unlock performance   

Harness the power of data with analytics

Get the insights you need to measure progress against your goals with our new robust Kineo Analytics tool

Embrace Modern Learning Experiences 

Drive employee engagement with personalised and flexible learning solutions that meet the expectations of the modern learner

Close the Skills Gap 

Identify and address skills and competency gaps to prepare your business for tomorrow's challenges today

Unleash the Power of Social 

Facilitate peer-to-peer interactions like ratings, comments and curation to build a vibrant, connected learning culture    

Transform learning with the next generation of Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Replace the inflexibility of traditional learning management systems with the next generation of LMS, trusted by over 19 million users. Totara Learn is an adaptable and extendable solution offering increased engagement, improved completion rates and trackable ROI. 

Engage, unite and upskill with Kineo's Learning Experience Platform

Break the third wall between learning and work. Increase engagement and share knowledge with smart ways to deliver the right training, resources and information at the right time and place, all in the flow of work.

Power up learning with Kineo analytics and support

Developed with the science of learning in mind, Totara Kineo Edition is a fully integrated learning and talent development platform.

It's not just about our award-winning tech.  It's about how we help you overcome your learning challenges so you can succeed. Baked inside every Kineo platform is the support of our 360 managed services and our new Kineo Analytics tool.

We take an ‘always on’ approach to data with Kineo Analytics included as standard with all our Kineo platforms. Giving you the power to collect, visualise and analyse learner data at any level all in one place. Real learning insight is possible with Kineo Analytics.

Everything you need to measure your learning outcomes, make smarter decisions, and continuously improve.

Are you ready to take your learning strategy to the next level?

The Performance Management System that changes everything 

Have the freedom to customise and keep track of your Performance Management System and boost workplace productivity. Set your own course and tailor performance management practices to suit your unique environment. 

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We're committed to providing exceptional support and advice, our team can help you navigate and discover the best approach to learning.

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Download our Totara: Kineo Edition brochure to read more about how we can help unlock your organisation’s potential.