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Why we applaud Harmony Week each and every day

Blog posts | 18.03.2021


Shaping the future of learning

Why is it that so many of us deploy caution with work colleagues? Professionalism is of course a desired and key attribute in the workplace, yet in many organisations today individuals seem indifferent to their colleagues. We believe they have overlooked the importance of building trusting work-centred relationships with their colleagues.

Break out of your workplace silos and cliques and connect with someone new

This week in celebration of Harmony Week (15-19 March), we will be introducing ourselves to an individual within our organisation we don’t yet know or that we don’t cross paths with day to day. We’ve taken a light-hearted approach to this activity and have coined this exercise; ‘coffee roulette.’ We’ll take a break and discuss our interests and goals both in and out of the organisation with this individual, and just maybe sow the seeds in developing a new friendship. By putting in genuine effort in this activity there’s no doubt it will make for a better understanding of our colleague and their role, yet also better connect us, as people and across the organisation as a whole.

The purpose in this activity is perhaps obvious. We understand that high performing teams have one thing in common; psychological safety. Simplified down this equates to our using good communication and empathy. Once we get to know each other – as real people - we become intuitive to the other’s wellbeing and are more likely to share personal stories and emotions. This makes for a more positive workplace culture and also promotes loyalty to the organisation itself.

It doesn’t matter whether your team is based remotely or if they physically work together, the results can be seen through the encouragement of connectivity.

Our organisation is a vibrant multicultural hub of people with individual experience and expertise.  We treasure and salute our community and get excited about shared team meals. Periodically when possible individuals donate a traditional dish.  These offerings represent an array of countries and customs, and weave a rich tasty story of the heritage of that person. This also gets us out of our comfort zone, where we can sample delicious and unchartered foodstuffs.

These types of group activities help to bond our purpose as an organisation. Naturally, we are also influenced by our stomachs and food is a great accompaniment to these gatherings.

Share your stories with us

We would love to learn more about how you celebrate Harmony Week in your organisation and how we might continue to do more in appreciation of our diverse workforce. Let’s keep this conversation bubbling... rather like a slow cooked sumptuous curry.


Shaping the future of learning

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