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Totara named a Core Leader in the 2021 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems

News | 08.02.2021

Fosway have released their annual update of the 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems and following the launch of Totara’s Talent Experience Platform in October 2020, Totara has advanced its position from Core Challenger to Core Leader.

The Fosway Group 9-Grid™ tracks the position of different learning and talent systems across five key indicators:

  • Performance
  • Potential
  • Market Presence
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Future Trajectories across the market

The 9-Grid™ provides a unique view of solution providers across the UK and EMEA, based on Fosway’s independent research in the HR, talent and learning market, drawing on the insights and experience of their Corporate Research Network.

As a platinum partner, Kineo are delighted to see Totara recognised as a Core Leader, with the latest release of the Totara Talent Experience Platform and our soon to launch enhanced Kineo Edition core to our strategy for 2021.

Lars Hyland, Chief Learning Officer at Totara, commented:

“With over 1,800 customers and millions of users worldwide, Totara is justifiably recognized as a Core Leader in the learning and talent systems market. In today’s workplace, nurturing a skilled, flexible and adaptable workforce is critical to any organization’s future success. Totara customers are uniquely placed to gain strategic advantage as they can ensure their people stay motivated, highly skilled and productive in the face of unprecedented change.”

Stuart Chadwick, Managing Director, Kineo EMEA said:

"I was very excited to see Totara has moved up in Performance from Core Challenger to Core Leader. This is great news for us, Totara and our teams and great timing with the release of Totara: Kineo Edition, no doubt recognising the improvement with T13 and Totara’s expansion in market."

Andy Costello, Head of Customer Solutions, Kineo EMEA, added:

“Totara made a step-change with the arrival of T13, their Talent Experience Platform (TXP). We are delighted to continue our partnership with Totara and super-excited about our new product, Totara: Kineo Edition, coming soon to market. In today’s world with a workforce that has perhaps changed its ways of working and learning forever, it’s essential that we continue to play our part in providing engaging, intuitive and trusted environments where people are motivated and supported to learn and develop.”