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Virtual Training is here to stay, as eLearning Industry round up the 2022 Top Providers

News | 07.04.2022

Over the past two years Virtual Training (or online learning, elearning... whatever you call it!) has cemented its position as the preferred medium for workplace learning delivery. With only 2% of L&D professionals saying they will revert to what they did pre-pandemic (Fosway, 2021), digital learning is here to stay. But with digital fatigue on the rise, the focus now is on the quality of the online learning experience, and making sure we get this right for our learners.

Luckily, eLearning Industry have shortlisted the best content providers to help you create a successful virtual training programme - and of course we're delighted to see Kineo feature!

The team at eLearning Industry highlighted our digital-first approach to designing a learning blend. In a digital-first approach, you focus on the learner and use the best combination of learning mediums, tools and technologies to deliver your learning objectives. It's an approach that recognises learning as continuous and not a one-size-fits-all. 

See eLearning Industry's full list of Top Content Providers for Virtual Training for more information.  

We can work with you and your team to adopt a digital-first approach to learning, through the use of digital content, social learning, learning pathways and more. We’ve designed Virtual Training solutions for organisations including BP, ING, KPMG, City & Guilds and Coats. Our design teams can provide the skills transfer or design input needed to put together engaging and effective virtual training - get in touch to see how we can help.