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The rise and rise of interactive video – are you missing out?

Webinars | 29.05.2019

In 2018, Netflix’s interactive sci-fi film ‘Bandersnatch’ gave viewers a world streaming service first - the chance to drive the story by making decisions for the main character. It would have been the first experience of interactive video for many who watched, but interactive video has actually been around in the learning industry for years.

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Most learning practitioners acknowledge interactive video has great potential for delivering truly immersive learning, but it's used by many a lot less than you'd expect.

Unlike many L&D fads that have fallen by the wayside, interactive video remains on an upward curve – steady if not spectacular, its great potential remains arguably untapped.

So, what are the obstacles and the myths around this medium, and what opportunities does it offer the learning professional? 

A few years ago, Kineo developed Interact specifically for interactive video use in learning content and it's since been used to develop over 30 interactive videos.

In this webinar we'll:

  • Share experiences and insights from some of these projects
  • Introduce Kineo’s latest technology, Didact, and explore how this data-driven tech has been integrated into interactive video to deliver social learning
  • Provide a demo on innovative design approaches for interactive video, including guerilla film making approaches.

Your speakers are

James has over 25 years' experience of instructional design and video scriptwriting. He previously headed up our team of learning designers and consultants, overseeing learning content design across all client projects.
Laura Estrella works as a Senior Solutions Designer at Kineo where she designs and develops a range of multi-media learning solutions that include elearning courses and audio-visual production.
As a Technical Team Lead, Pete manages our team of Senior Technical Consultants and Front End Developers as well as taking accountability for the technical robustness and suitability of Kineo’s elearning and learning content. Pete also helps drive forward technical innovation working with our Technical Director and Head of Innovation to identify new opportunities for Kineo to branch into. Pete has a key role in the development of our Adapt framework and technical roadmaps for our proprietary tools and development.