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The Power of Personalisation

Reports and Guides | 08.08.2022

From movies and music playlists to the online shopping basket, we’re used to providers personalising what they offer to us according to our likes, dislikes and past behaviours. One size no longer fits all in the consumer world - so why should our elearning take a fixed approach? 

In this guide we explore four techniques you can use to personalise your elearning to improve outcomes - for your learners and your organisation.

Personalisation in elearning creates better learner engagement, reduces seat time (saving organisations money) and improves performance - sounds like a bit of a no brainer, right? 

Download the guide to discover:

  • The key benefits personalisation delivers for you, your learners and your business
  • Four simple personalisation techniques you can deploy in your learning, and how to use them 
  • How brands are delivering personalised learning at scale

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