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Six steps to compliance learning that works

Blog posts | 18.10.2022


Shaping the future of learning

Compliance-based learning and training courses sometimes get a bad name in the world of employee learning and therefore don’t always get the credibility that is deserved. Often this type of learning can cost a lot of money and time and can feel like a big risk for many organisations. The learning experience is often less than engaging for learners too - it feels like a tick-box exercise and a chore. 

It’s time to change this perception of compliance-based learning and start understanding the true benefits to businesses and individuals. If you're still not convinced then this guide is here to help you understand why this approach might work for your team and your business. 

So, let's dive in and explore six learning design approaches for compliance training that we believe make this type of learning more meaningful, memorable and ultimately more effective. 

1.Start with the heart 

This is not just about wow-ing your audience - it’s about engagement. Emotionally engaging your audience from the outset is an incredible way to keep momentum and get real buy-in from your learners. Today’s workforce - particularly millennials (who by 2025 will comprise three-quarters of the global workforce) – say they want to work for a company with strong ethics. This is your opportunity to tell your story from the heart and really get their buy-in. 

2. Take a test-first approach 

We strongly believe that you learn best by being practical and continuously testing your knowledge. By motivating your learners to test their learnings you not only stretch their theoretical knowledge, you create more memorable experiences for them. Therefore, we challenge learners to take an upfront diagnostic. This tests out how much of the core learning that follows they will need to go on and complete. We’ll make that clear, so they go into the diagnostic primed to give the performance of their lives! 

3. Create a personalised pathway 

It’s important in any organisation that we treat everyone as an individual. Even team members on the same level or with similar experiences will have differing knowledge and ideas. Therefore, it’s essential that we are customising the learning experience to each and every individual. This means the learners will be more focused, more engaged and ultimately they’ll get more out of the overall learning experience. 

4. Connect on a personal and social level 

Throughout our compliance learning experiences we always ensure the training is as authentic as it can be and links back to real-life examples. This not only makes the content more relevant and useful but it helps the learner connect with the content more effectively. One example could be that the learner is immersed in an authentic work-based story in which people that are acting with integrity take centre stage, rather than the specifics of the law. Early on in the story we may ask a question which gets them relating to the situation on a personal level, for example, how comfortable are they with what they’ve seen? This approach considers both the individual needs of the learner and also gives them a chance to reflect about potential situations they may face in a more meaningful way. 

5. Practice with purpose 

Here at Kineo we always want to ensure our compliance learning experiences are as useful as they can be in everyday professional situations. Therefore, our content is centered around scenarios that learners might realistically face. Learners are asked to use their situational judgment to resolve a certain situation we’ve presented in a safe environment. 

6. Pre and post support for maximising impact 

We want to ensure your learners are engaged enough that they take onboard their learnings and make tangible changes to how they do their work. We’ve all been there. We take a course because we have to. We go through the motions and then that’s it, nothing transfers into our day-to-day lives and the learning is stuck in the screen, and there’s no behaviour change. It doesn’t have to be this way. By taking a campaign-based approach to marketing your learning experiences and seeing that journey through after the event, you can make a huge difference to learner engagement and learning retention. 


To find out more, simply download the guide today. If you’d like to learn more about how we design effective compliance learning, get in touch - we'd love to talk!


Shaping the future of learning

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