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Major Totara update launching soon with T13 – creating a ‘talent experience platform’ to take your learning to the next level

Blog posts | 25.09.2020


Shaping the future of learning

Launching next week, the newest update to Totara Learn comes with some major additions and improvements to functionality which will help both improve your learner experience and get you the results you need. 

As well as the update to Totara Learn, Totara are launching a full ‘Talent Experience Suite’ with the creation of Totara Perform and Totara Engage. 

We’ve got a full review of the T13 suite coming soon (subscribe to our newsletter to get it as soon as it’s published) but for now, let’s take a look at five things that have changed or are new in the Totara Talent Experience Suite. 

Totara Learn 

1. Native mobile app 
The brand new Totara mobile app brings your learning directly into your users hands – with authentication, all your current courses, push notifications and an offline SCORM player to both iOs and Android.  

2. Enhanced multi-tenancy 
A new tenant managed area will allow the creation of different tenant dashboards. These tenanted areas can now be shared or made separate. Domain Managers at tenant level can exercise full-control over their part of the Totara LMS including creating new courses and managing users. Unique site themes can now also be created at tenancy level. 

3. Better reporting 
Enhanced reporting from previous versions, with personalized dashboards, custom and graphical reporting, completion tracking and scheduling and exporting of results helps you ensure compliance. Assign reports to team or divisional managers. 

4. Enhanced user account management 
Improved user creation workflow, configurable user profile page, custom user profiles cards and tenant association are all new updates in T13. 

5. Better tracking on virtual learning 
Track session attendance to monitor progress and enjoy enhanced facilitator management which allows Site Administrators to search for specific facilitators. 

You can see a full comparison of Totara’s version on their site or download this functionality overview.

Totara Perform 

1. Unique workflows 
Monitor the performance and development needs of your people, your way, and take actions that bring you closer to achieving corporate goals. 

2. Alignment of managers and employees  
Create flexible and frequent performance check-ins with managers and mentors. 

3. Checking your skills gaps 
Track skills and development across your organisation and team to identify gaps and help target training where you need it most. 

4. Appraisals including 360 degree feedback 
Objectively gauge strengths, weaknesses and opportunities by balancing self-evaluation with input from peers, team members, supervisors and more. 

5. Visual reporting that works 
Powerful graphical reporting identifies high/low performers and creates action-oriented, meaningful interactions between managers and employees. 

You can download the functionality overview for Perform here.

Totara Engage  

1. Curated content across channels 
Quickly source, create or curate knowledge from subject matter experts in the form of articles, blogs, photos, podcasts and even videos to develop personalized learning paths. 

2. Rewards for engagement 
Revamp your social and microlearning by rewarding peer-to-peer interactions like ratings, comments and curation to build a vibrant, connected learning culture. 

3. Powerful recommendation engine 
Identify and suggest content relevant to your employees’ interests, skills and needs with a robust recommendation engine. 

4. Generate insights 
Collect feedback from your teams through customisable surveys, generating deep insights. 

5. Streamline administration
Navigate complicated hierarchies by using flexible sharing and access settings to simplify admin and delivery of content. 

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Shaping the future of learning

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