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Learning insights 2018: this time it's personal

Reports and Guides | 31.01.2018

Our annual report looks at what's really happening in the L&D world right now and what’s coming in the future. We share our spin on the real-life stories, challenges and successes we’ve heard from you - in interviews with our clients and an online survey.

And this time it’s personal! We discovered this year that personalisation for the learner is a big preoccupation. Whether that means tailoring the learning content you offer, allowing employees to determine their own development pathway or being aware of individual technology requirements, it’s on our minds.

Get this year's report to find out:

  • the key L&D trends we identified from interviews with our clients
  • what happened to last year’s big buzzwords
  • the importance of 'learner power'
  • why globalisation is creating a challenge for many L&D teams
  • why so many want to make their learning platform ‘a destination’
  • the skills you may need as a modern L&D professional.

Download the report