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Kineo UK achieves ISO 27001 Standard for Information Security Management

News | 18.01.2022

In January 2022, after an extensive and rigorous process, the Kineo UK business has successfully achieved ISO 27001 certification, the world's most prestigious information security management system certification. 

Not only is this a huge seal of approval on the processes and standards we have in place when it comes to data, it’s a demonstration of our commitment to the highest level of safety and security for our business and the clients we work with. 

ISO 27001 is an international standard for the security of any kind of digital information. Developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation ("ISO") it is technology-neutral, vendor-neutral and recognised worldwide. Businesses wishing to earn the certification must go through an extensive third-party audit, to evaluate their processes, technology and physical security. 

If you’ve never heard of ISO 27001 before; basically it’s a framework for best practice in data security. Achieving ISO accreditation affirms that as a business we have defined and have in place best practice information security processes – everything from how we handle data to protecting information and our defense against cyber attacks. 

And it’s not a once and done thing either – our accreditation has to be audited every year and the whole framework is designed to instill a pattern of continuous improvement. 

Speaking of the recent accreditation, Andy Moss, Managing Director at Kineo said: 

“Protecting our customer’s data is vital to us here at Kineo. We are proud to actively implement and maintain the very highest global standards, processes and procedures - backed by our passion for continuous improvement. I am delighted that our work in this area has been recognised by ISO 27001, giving confidence that the security measures we have in place truly are world-class.” 

Dorian Rogers, Global Head of Learning Content Delivery added: 

“Information and data security is something that is a core focus for us and our customers every day. Protecting the data of our customers and our colleagues is vital to how we operate as a business. Achieving the ISO 27001 standard is a reflection of the great work we are doing and the clear and effective processes we have at Kineo. What’s more, we achieved this with no non-conformities on our first audit, which is testament to the great work of the whole team in this area. We already have CE+, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications and are delighted to add ISO 27001 to the list.”