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Kineo Conversations: accessibility in digital learning

Webinars | 17.06.2021


Kineo Conversations: accessibility in digital learning

At least one billion people, or 15% of the world’s population, are living with a recognised disability (WHO), and in the UK it’s estimated that 20% of the working age population (House of Commons Library) have some form of disability. What’s more, as the working population ages many more people acquire impairments which they wouldn’t necessarily consider a disability but can cause accessibility challenges. 

Be honest: can you say, hand-on-heart, that your digital learning content is fully accessible to all learners? Or that you consistently consider accessibility as a core component of each elearning project? 

If the answer is no, then don't worry, you're not alone. This is a challenge most organisations face but get it right and everyone will benefit. 

In this Kineo Conversations episode we tackle the topic of accessibility, as we’re joined by:

  • Susi Miller – an accessibility expert from eLaHub, Susi has recently published her book: Designing Accessible Learning Content - A practical guide to applying best-practice accessibility standards to L&D resources.
  • Mark D’Aquin from SAP - with a workforce in the hundreds of thousands, SAP wanted an approach that would deliver consistent learning experiences to meet the needs of today’s modern learner - to provide personalised, engaging, and accessible learning experiences at the point of need, on any device. Deploying Kineo’s Edition of the Adapt Authoring Tool, their award-winning solution makes learning accessible to all. 

Watch the webinar now as we discuss:

  • Why is accessibility so important in digital learning?
  • What accessibility in elearning actually means – and the things that are often overlooked
  • How technology can help, and what you should expect from an accessible authoring tool
  • How SAP implemented accessibility across their elearning programmes, so you can do the same 

Your speakers are

As Head of Customer Solutions, Andy leads the Kineo EMEA sales team and brings a 20-year industry track record of Learning Technology expertise. Andy is passionate about driving exceptional customer service and develops close partnerships with clients, ensuring they achieve success not only for standalone projects but long-term strategic goals. Andy also plays a key role in consulting on projects and account relationships across Kineo, is regularly featured on our podcasts, and is a sought after speaker at industry events.
As a Technical Team Lead, Pete manages our team of Senior Technical Consultants and Front End Developers as well as taking accountability for the technical robustness and suitability of Kineo’s elearning and learning content. Pete also helps drive forward technical innovation working with our Technical Director and Head of Innovation to identify new opportunities for Kineo to branch into. Pete has a key role in the development of our Adapt framework and technical roadmaps for our proprietary tools and development.
Mark is a learning designer and developer with over 30 years of elearning, graphics and multimedia experience working with start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. In his most recent role at SAP, Mark supports the SAP Global Learning and development community, providing learning and development consulting support to all board areas.
Susi Miller is an industry leading expert on accessible learning design and the founder and director of eLaHub. She is the author of Designing Accessible Learning Content - A practical guide to applying best-practice accessibility standards to L&D resources, published by Kogan Page. Susi has more than 30 years L&D experience in the public, private and not-for profit sector. She is a skilled instructional designer and online course developer and a passionate advocate for digital accessibility. Her accessible learning content has been shortlisted for the Learning Technologies Awards.