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Hybrid Learning Dos & Don'ts

Reports and Guides | 09.08.2021

Recent times have pushed the concept of hybrid working into the forefront and made it the new normal. At its best, that means working from whatever environment makes the most sense depending on the activity. But have you thought about the best ways to overlay learning best practice on top of this new standard?

What works and what really doesn’t 

Fosway estimates that 97% of businesses shifted at least some of their training to virtual throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. In many cases this shift to remote work has been a positive one, but it’s also brought about a new challenge. How do we combat digital fatigue in the age of hybrid work? 

This downloadable guide aims to tackle that exact question by not only examining best practices, but also by spotlighting what doesn’t work. By looking at hybrid learning through this lens, you’ll get a sense of the concrete actions you can take to cultivate a healthy learning culture in your organisation, no matter where your employee base is working these days. Kineo’s experts have distilled this key information down into two simple categories...

What to do...

  • Digital First, Learner-Centric Approach
  • Microlearning
  • Spin a Good Yarn
  • Track Effectiveness
  • Social Learning
  • Make Some Noise

What not to do...

  • Ditching In-Person Learning Completely
  • Forced Collaboration
  • Make Assumptions
  • Include Everything
  • Ignore Pace

Download the full guide for free and see exactly how each bullet can be applied within your organisation. We'll also provide a look into our core philosophy: Everything we do at Kineo stems from a simple idea – if we design a better learning experience, together we’ll get better results.

Hybrid learning Dos & Don'ts

Digital learning to support the hybrid workplace