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Designing a results-driven elearning curriculum

Reports and Guides | 09.02.2022

We know that highly skilled, dedicated and happy workers are the key to a successful company. So, it’s imperative that the learning solutions you provide to your employees are innovative, relevant, accessible on their terms, and enduring. 

What’s more, they should focus on experiences not just content. Kineo’s Design for Results eBook provides L&D professionals with 5 easy steps to creating curriculums that deliver the skills and behavioural changes that produce measurable business impact and help lay the foundation for creating a learning culture throughout any organisation.

At Kineo, we’ve been honing our design skills for over 15 years—140 years if you take into account our parent company. We’ve helped some of the world’s largest brands including SAP, Rolls Royce and BP transform the way they train employees by helping them design then implement innovative curriculums to meet their unique needs.

Download the eBook to explore the 5 Steps to a Results Driven Curriculum: 

  1. Create a clear project charter
  2. Know your audience
  3. Define the performance goals and barriers
  4. Surface solution constraints
  5. Envision the learning experience

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