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Building a data-driven learning organisation

Reports and Guides | 07.06.2022

The days when the person with the most experience in the room made the big decisions are gone - today it's data, not instinct, that drives most business decisions. But learning teams in many organisations continue to struggle to launch and sustain worthwhile data analytics programmes, due to a lack of time, budget, the right technology or skills.

This guide will help you set the foundation for a learning analytics programme in your organisation, and identify the steps to take today.

Learning data and analytics can be an enabler of trust, increased budgets, and greater impact on your organisation.

Download the eBook to answer these key questions:

  • What are the most important metrics to track? 
  • How can we collect data without it feeling like its own project every time? 
  • What processes will we need to change to support a data analytics strategy? 
  • How can I communicate results to the rest of the business? 
  • How do I build trust and improve engagement?

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