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5 reasons you need to use virtual classrooms

Blog posts | 29.07.2015


Shaping the future of learning

Have you ever tried to assemble flat-pack furniture by following a set of printed instructions? If you have, you’ve probably experienced the frustration and confusion that can result from having a complex process or idea explained to you through a single medium.

There’s something disconcerting about those left-over screws isn’t there? Fortunately your training doesn’t have to be like that. Here’s how Virtual Classrooms can help turn your training into a more effective blend (although I’m afraid you’re stuck with that wonky wardrobe).

1. They deliver your message, fast

With Virtual Classrooms and webinars you can reach a global audience in a fraction of the time it would take to turn around an elearning programme.

Why not run a face-to-face session?

Well, with Virtual Classrooms there are no travel costs, no prohibitively long distances to travel and no expensive conference facilities to book (or stale sandwiches to order). It’s the ideal solution if you’ve got a simple message that you need to deliver quickly, or if there are specific elements of a wider training blend that need to be communicated or updated more urgently than others. Why not use Virtual Classrooms to deliver these elements first?

Meet the requirements of your programme and give yourself the time you need to focus on developing the less time-sensitive elements of the blend.

2. You can actually answer questions

Before (and after) you deliver your training, your learners are probably going to have some questions. In a well-timed Virtual Classroom, your SMEs can be there to answer them – they’re a trusted source of knowledge, and have a wealth of it. You might even consider asking a senior leader to give a few words as an authoritative voice. Deal with any uncertainty, get your learner’s buy-in and nip any doubts in the bud right from the start.

3. Explain It Differently

We all struggle understanding new concepts from time to time. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that a bit of support and advice when you need it? Because your learners have a voice in a Virtual Classroom they can tell you if they don’t understand, or if an example simply doesn’t apply to them.

You can mop up misunderstandings or misconceptions and explain things differently there and then, at the moment of need.

4. Easily share personal stories

We learn from our mistakes, and we learn from the mistakes of others as well. Virtual Classrooms can offer a safe place where participants can share experiences that others can learn from. Virtual Classrooms are great for virtual coaching and can be particularly effective when they’re used as ‘clinics’. Participants can share some of the challenges they’re currently facing with the group under an expert’s guidance, meaning the participants group can discuss some viable solutions.

5. They encourage social learning

Virtual Classrooms offer tools that an experienced facilitator can use to create a collaborative learning environment. You might be able to repurpose some of those great activities you used in your face-to-face training, or utilise the digital environment to create some very unique experiences. The introverts in the audience thrive on the ability to type up their considered opinions or question responses in chat boxes. They can even comment on what someone is saying, while they’re saying it. Normally they might not get a word in edgeways!

But it doesn’t end there. You can divide the participants into small groups and create an environment for cross-departmental collaboration. You can interject, offer guidance or step back and let them work things out for themselves. Activities in Virtual Classrooms can offer a genuine opportunity to utilise some of the soft skills and varied expertise of the participants. They’re exciting, live, flexible and social.

So, could Virtual Classrooms help turn your training into a more effective blend? Get in touch and see how Kineo can help your business. 


Shaping the future of learning

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