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Rapidly train and develop your people with ready to go courses

Workplace compliance training made easy

Training needs are evolving rapidly, and external drivers can bring change quicker than we might like. Be prepared with ready to go courses.

With hundreds of carefully selected and role relevant titles, drive the behavioural change that will deliver measurable impact to your business, both now and into the future.

Engaged learners, peace of mind

Achieve much more than just a compliance tick box. When it comes to workplace training, Kineo Courses has received over 250,000 workplace course reviews averaging 4.5 stars from the learners themselves.

“One of the best courses I have undertaken on this subject. The information was well presented and easy to understand.”

Finance & Business Services Officer

"Beautiful and an organised course. It is easy to follow. No irrelevant information added for less confusion. I would like to redo it again and again."

National Hospital Healthcare Worker


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Million Course Completions


+ Ready to Go Courses

Essential topics, role specific training 

We engage trusted subject matter experts and content providers who understand the nuances of local legislation, industry requirements and the latest best practices.

Workplace Compliance 

Address essential compliance needs for your workforce including areas of ethics and conduct, health & safety, risk management and more.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

The duty and care of your employees is more important than ever before. Embrace better awareness and support for health and wellbeing.

Leadership & Management

Prepare your leaders in key topics including environmental readiness, social responsibility. diversity & inclusion.

Personal Development

Invest in your people with courses designed to improve general communication, teamwork skills and resilience.

Empower your people to enable a compliance learning culture

Follow up and chase no more. Leverage manager dashboards and simple tools designed to empower your team to achieve your learning outcomes.

Reduce the burden on senior leaders and HR to drive completion rates. Given the right tools and a simple process, your managers will own and create a culture where compliance is adopted by everyone.

Learnforce. Fast, efficient, course delivery

Kineo’s Learnforce, is a fully hosted learning portal branded to your organisation. We provide the essential tools to enrol, deliver and report compliance across your learner groups and individuals.

Already have a Learning Management System? Learnforce also delivers Kineo courses seamlessly via the cloud to your existing platform.

It is a common pain point; when an upcoming compliance audit is looming, or a skills gap leaves you hanging, you need fast and efficient course delivery. 

Provide the tools your people need to clearly report and drive uptake for your chosen outcomes. Meet urgent obligations while engaging your people with courses that are designed to make a difference.

We help organisations implement digital learning in a matter of hours on the learning platform of their choice.

Foster confidence, with a trusted and endorsed solution

Looking for a blended solution?

Discover how Kineo courses can play an important role in your overall learning curriculum. We’re here to help.

Looking for a specific course?

View our course library to understand how a ready to go course can meet your skills gap or compliance need.