Develop untapped talent and power new levels of performance with Totara Perform

Create a continuous improvement culture with our powerful talent software, Totara Perform

Develop, assess and manage your internal talent with performance management software that helps boost productivity through Totara Perform, a part of the Totara: Kineo Edition learning suite

Kineo and Totara Perform: Your online performance management system for success

Create a performance process that’s right for you 
Energise your performance management process with customizable workflows, flexible forms and automated notifications and reminders. Align your individual and organizational goals with customizable performance workflows.

Identify your skills gaps 
Map skills, knowledge and behaviors to roles across the organization and track development across teams or your whole organization with detailed reporting and easy-to-read graphical reporting  

Enhance your engagement and productivity 
Regular and flexible check-ins with managers and coaches, continuous feedback and performance reviews improve productivity while better alignment with business goals increases engagement in the performance process 

Accelerate development
Engage employees with competency-based development paths that are mapped to a blend of learning experiences, multiple assessment methods  

Personalised and purposeful performance management

A ‘real time’ view of talent

  • Identify high and low performers using powerful reporting tools
  • Create agile and flexible check ins and performance pathways to suit you

Objective appraisals process

  • Analyse strengths and weaknesses through self-evaluation and 360 degree feedback
  • Create a fuller view of employee development by assessing alongside Learn and Engage learning and engagement metrics

A perfect fit for your business

  • Integrate with existing Human Capital Management (HCM) products to streamline the performance management process
  • Adapt workflows and processes to suit your organization’s review cycle

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A full learning and talent management experience with Totara: Kineo Edition

Kineo Edition

Use Totara Perform alongside your existing learning platforms software or explore the potential of our fully integrated learning and talent platform.

Learn LMS

Deliver great learning, wherever and whenever your users need it, with Kineo and Totara Learn - our next gen LMS experience.

Engage LXP

Inspire your workforce with the power of collaborative and social learning though Kineo and Totara Engage

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