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Tap into the power of elearning analytics

Ignite your data with Kineo analytics 

Your organisation's L&D is made up of big data, spread across multple places of learning, but collecting and understanding can be complicated. Kineo Analytics gives you the learning tools you need to turn that data into insight. Built as an extension of our talent platform; Totara Kineo Edition, Analytics puts the power of business intelligence (BI) at your fingertips and the capability to build successful elearning in your hands. Best of all, at no additional cost. 

Our Customer Success Team is an extension of your team, helping you accelerate your journey to data literacy.  Our elearning analytics service allows you to combine, compare and analyse data across your entire Totara Kineo Edition Platform. Our robust data framework gives you insight into compliance, time-to-competence, and skills gaps, allowing you to view trends, create inventions and promote higher learner performance for better business outcomes.

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From chaos to compliance 

It’s time to move on from disconnected and chaotic reporting to compliance that builds competence and confidence. Kineo Analytics takes the burden out of compliance and gives you the power of real-time data collection so you can uncover your learning trends, gaps in skills, and learner behaviors as they happen. 

Now you can spend less time manipulating data to try and get compliance reporting right and more time focused on insights and trends of what’s working and make changes that not only increase compliance scores but create a skilled workforce. 

Elearning experiences that build an engaged workforce

Spend less time creating blended and online learning that doesn’t hit the mark and more time creating learning that engages employees around the business. 

Pre-built dashboards allow you to drill down into the details of your training and learning. Access insights that help you understand what engages your learners the most, how well skills are embedded, and identify areas for improvement.  

Through detailed and accessible learning data analysis, we help you to target your training, fine-tune key competencies, and track effectiveness. Connect learning outcomes to real, measurable business results and customer experience. 

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Ready to get started?  

Let’s get going and improve the learning experience of your training. Drop us a line to discuss today.   

Explore Kineo Analytics

Like what you’re seeing? Download our short guide to Kineo Analytics for a simple summary of everything it offers.

Drowning in Data guide 

Stop being a slave to data – learn how to make your learning analytics work for you with our latest guide.  

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Reimagine skills development 

Kineo’s integrated analytics allows your L&D team to align learning objectives and report on key metrics such as completion rates, time to completion, skills gaps, and engagement. You can quickly create departmental reports and share them. Insights help you to create blended and online training with on-the-job experiences and coaching, track progress and engagement and make data-driven decisions for future skills. 

But it's more than just dashboards, we help you understand your people development challenges and agree on a set of key metrics that will highlight where new roles and skills are succeeding to gain competence in a timeframe that meets your business’s needs.