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Elearning analytics made easy

Unlock your learning data and prove your impact with Kineo Analytics

It’s time to make the move to being a data-driven learning organization with elearning analytics. Real learning insight is possible, with Kineo Analytics.

Kineo Analytics tracks data across the full learning experience, providing the insights you need to prove the success of your online learning content and make smarter decisions. It goes beyond simple data collection to give you insights into how your learners engage with the content and how effectively it builds skills and confidence.   

Everything you need to measure your learning outcomes, make smarter decisions and continuously improve.   

The course data Kineo Analytics collects is anonymous with all data stored securely in the cloud based Kineo Data Services, complying with GDPR and other data regulations.  

Graphic showing a learner using learning content, using a keyboard

Spotlight knowledge & skills gaps 

Continually improve your learning experiences with question level data that gives you the insight into where learners are struggling to retain, recall or apply knowledge.  

Track pre and post learning assessment trends to see how confidence and ability builds as learners move through courses, helping you prove impact and identify opportunities for improvement.

Take the guesswork out of innovating  

Looking to try something new? Keen to test a new gamified learning experience? But unsure of how to measure the results or win over your senior stakeholders?  

Use Kineo Analytics to track your new approach and learner progress and not only can you prove effectiveness, but you’ll also gain key insights to take into future solutions. 

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Ready to get started?  

Let’s get going on improving the effectiveness of your online training. Drop us a line to discuss today.  

Need something to share around?  

Download our short guide to Kineo Analytics for a simple summary of everything it offers.  

Looking for more to read?  

Take a look at our guide to Building a Data-Driven Learning Organization for more on setting the foundation for a learning analytics program in your organization.  

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Put your learners front and centre  

By analyzing your people’s learning habits, you can make data-driven decisions on the content they need and create focused learning delivered in the best way.   

Understand how your learners are accessing content, how much time they spend on different parts of the course, if they keep coming back and how many times it takes to pass a course – leading to continuous improvement over time. 

View trends and discover insights in your elearning analytics dashboard  

Included as standard with all our Adapt courses and built into your client portal, the Kineo Analytics Dashboard makes data analysis and learning measurement easy. Track and compare the effectiveness of different content approaches, view trends and compare courses.

Finally see how effective your different learning programs are and uncover your overall learning and development impact – all in one place. 

Graphic showing a Kineo Analytics dashboard

The four data dimensions of Kineo Analytics

Collecting data about your learning experiences helps you evidence success and make good design decisions. Here are the four data dimensions Kineo Analytics focuses on.

Getting started with a learning analytics program

Learning analytics is a hot topic in the L&D field. ‘Big Data’ has arrived and now learning teams are starting to dive into an area that may have previously felt beyond our scope.

Top 3 essential data points to evaluate with learning analytics

What are the key data points to collect for your learning analytics? Focus on these three data types to mine insights from learner activity and make effective decisions.