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Unlocking Success: Why you need to use data to close your organization's skills gap

News | 23.05.2023

Organizations today face numerous challenges when it comes to effectively utilizing their learning data. The inability to extract meaningful insights and drive actionable outcomes from this data hampers their ability to enhance employee development and optimize learning strategies. However, amidst these challenges lie significant opportunities for organizations to leverage learning data to drive success and achieve their goals.

How can we do better?

Unveiling the Challenges: Understanding the Complexity of Data

At the recent Learning Technologies Show in London, the Kineo stand buzzed with conversations as we engaged with individuals from a wide variety of enterprise-level businesses. Many expressed that while technology complemented their approach, it sometimes resulted in overwhelming outcomes, such as an influx of data or data scattered across multiple platforms. Others highlighted the beauty of technology in adapting learning and providing L&D teams and leaders with the opportunity to create agile and bite-sized learning programs. The flexibility offered by these approaches is truly exciting, but it remains essential to assess their effectiveness.

This sentiment was echoed in a poll we conducted that was playful yet thought-provoking and asked attendees, "What is your biggest learning challenge this year?"

The response was overwhelming and showed:

  • 42% feel they need help to use data effectively.
  • 34% want to drive cultural change.
  • 24% need to build employee skills.

Out of nearly 100 participants, 42% identified "Using data effectively" as their primary challenge. These findings reaffirm the need for organizations to overcome the hurdles associated with collecting, analyzing, and leveraging learning data.

While data has become the new buzzword, the ability to derive actionable insights and craft a compelling narrative from analytics remains a struggle for many teams.

However, the potential benefits of leveraging learning data effectively are immense. By harnessing the power of data analytics, organizations can uncover valuable insights, identify knowledge gaps, personalize learning experiences, and ultimately drive improved employee performance and organizational growth.

Ultimately, our L&D data should be used to influence and enhance an organization’s strategy. If it’s understood and analyzed effectively.  

The event hosted many sessions that spoke to this exact challenge, including our sessions ‘Stop guessing whether your digital learning works’ and ‘Prove and improve: using learning content analytics to drive success’. Both sessions demonstrated how to prove and improve learning using learning analytics.

We truly understand the problem and that’s why we’ve built Kineo Analytics to make L&D leader’s lives easier. 

Kineo’s mission is to change the way organizations see and use data. 

Kineo Analytics tracks data across the full learning experience, providing the insights you need to prove the success of your online learning content and make smarter decisions. 

It goes beyond simple data collection to give you insights into how your learners engage with the content and how effectively it builds skills and confidence.

  • Measure and prove the effectiveness of your digital learning content design
  • Gather the insights you need to make better design decisions in the future
  • Improve engagement, completion rates, and longer-term success
  • Justify the investment in elearning design models and approaches (backed by evidence)

Real insights are possible, why not unlock your learning data and prove your impact with Kineo Analytics?

Set yourself up for success in 2023 with an evidence-based approach to learning design! 

Learn how to make elearning analytics easy.