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Kineo Named Top Content Provider for Employee Onboarding in 2023

News | 17.08.2022

Onboarding new hires is such a critical component to the success of any business. But it's also been a struggle for many HR teams and Learning and Development experts. Many organizations just don't have the means or the team power to build and efficient and effective employee onboarding program in-house. 

Fortunately, eLearning Industry does a review of top solution providers for a wide range of L&D specialties to help these teams locate the best support. Recently, they updated their list of top organizations that offer gold standard employee onboarding solutions for 2023. We're very proud to be listed and we'll get into why we excel within the employee onboarding category shortly, but first, check out our cool new badge!  

So, let's get into the of the specifics of what eLearning Industry had to say about our work in employee onboarding.   

Who doesn't want to attract, retain and develop the best talent for their business? The onboarding process plays a vital role in this, but it often fails to make the necessary impact. At Kineo, they expertly blend learner-centered design, excellent User Experience, measurement, and data insights, so your new joiners enjoy the most engaging and effective experiences. The result? Your business sees quantifiably better outcomes. Everything they do arises from a simple idea; if they design a better learning experience, you'll get better results by working together. Whatever your eLearning project, they can partner with you to get it done. 

-eLearning Industry

We couldn't have said it better ourselves! To expand on these ideas just a bit, here are the four pillars that go into our learning design and onboarding program philosophy here at Kineo...

  1. Create an experience, not a course
    We do this to maintain engagement and truly support new joiners in those critical first 100 days. Experiences encourage a journey of growth and bring new starters into the fold.

  2. Be a true partner
    We maximize the knowledge that already exists in your business. Our designers work directly with your SMEs to turn existing knowledge into highly interactive and inspiring elearning.

  3. Put people at the heart of the process
    We encourage all clients to embrace and support social learning—formally and informally—by using or setting up platforms that enable people to connect and help one another. Buddies, coaches, mentors, and peers all have a part to play. And they do that by sharing their stories and experiences. 

  4. Demonstrate ROI
    Last but not least is the data and measurement piece. Collecting learner insights is critical to fostering a culture of continuous improvement for your onboarding programs.

For more information, check out the full list of top onboarding solution providers for 2023!