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Kineo recognized in Top eLearning Gamification Companies list for 2022

News | 24.02.2022

If you want to stay in the know when it comes to elearning, there's no better place than eLearning Industry, and this month they've scoured the market for the best and brightest in gamification. We class it very much as a win to see Kineo featured on the list, playing with the best of them.

The buzz around gamification remains, after circa ten-plus years since we first started to see the term gaining traction in the learning industry. Add on a global pandemic and a dispersed workforce and it's no wonder L&D teams and learning designers are considering all the tools and techniques available to them to get learners more engaged with workplace learning.

We suggest four key principles when considering gamification as part of your digital learning content design: 

  • Start with clear goals, needs, and motivation for the employees - what do you need them to change, and what's in it for them?
  • Design for results instead of just building content 
  • Focus on behaviors that drive performance 
  • Achieve all of this via focused and engaging learning techniques 

But before you even get started with the learning design, it's important to understand your target audience. The more you know and can build a picture of your learners, the more you'll understand how gamification might work for them. What do they care about? What drives them? 

As well as the potential to engage employees in new ways, you can gather more data using gamification than in traditional 'click-next' programs. This data can be highly valuable!

You can check out the full list on eLearning Industry here: Top eLearning Gamification Companies

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