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Kineo Named Top Content Provider for Leadership Development in 2023

News | 22.12.2022

Organizations looking to unlock their team's leadership potential need the right training to get moving. Providing top-performing staff with the right tools and training to excel is the best way to increase employee retention and make sure that you've got people who can help you grow as they grow with you. It's vital to equip new leaders with a secure footing as they begin their careers in management. 

That's why eLearning Industry has assembled the best training companies for leadership development in one comprehensive list for 2023. All the content providers on this list can develop top talents and core leadership skills with their courses and strategies. Additionally, they'll help improve employee retention and engagement, foster positive work relationships, and encourage continuous professional growth within your teams. It's no real surprise that Kineo was included in this mix, but we are very honored nonetheless. 

Add it to the trophy case! Anyways, let's get into the specifics of what eLearning Industry had to say about our work around leadership development content.   

Kineo is all about learning designed for results. Skilled leaders who can build good relationships and inspire their teams are key to employee engagement and business growth. So, you need learning aligned to your business goals. Do you need to achieve specific business and people outcomes? They'll get you there with a results-driven approach to learning design.

-eLearning Industry

Thanks, eLearning Industry! We couldn't have said it better ourselves. But if we were to try, we might elaborate with these three principles that influence our learning design when it comes to leadership development content... 

  1. Lead learners on a journey
    We understand how critical engagement is in any professional learning course, leadership or otherwise. By developing your leadership through a journey that's engaging, managers are more likely to retain the critical best practices that will help them (and their employees) succeed. We design learning journeys to include assessments, goals, reflection, and scenarios for learners to practice new skills.

  2. Demonstrate ROI
    We know that talk is cheap, and that's why all of our training content is built with measurement in mind. A leadership development course from Kineo gives key visibility on top performers, allowing your organization to make the best internal decisions. With an "always on" approach to data we set manageable goals and empower you to collect, visualize, and analyze learner data. Best of all? You can do so at a course, program, or company-wide level.

  3. Be a partner with leadership experience
    Our learning design experts are prepared to lead. We ask the right questions to truly understand the needs of your business. Sometimes this means challenging the status quo to get our clients thinking differently and help them deliver the most optimal results.   

For more information, check out the full list of top leadership training providers for 2023!