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Kineo named a 2023 Top Content Provider for Blended Learning

News | 02.11.2022

At Kineo, we're very familiar with the success of a blended learning approach and it's something we advocate for in a lot of our client work. Today's world all but demands a flexible online training approach for employees, but that doesn't mean you have to forgo the in-person support gained from face-to-face learning.

In-person trainings are still some of the most effective ways to learn the nuances of a role, and that's where a blended approach comes in. Blended learning brings your business the best of both worlds: the flexibility of digital paired with the collaboration and interactivity of face-to-face.

Our client portfolio is full of hybrid blended learning solutions and it's something we still firmly believe in, even during the digital age. Recently, our colleagues at eLearning Industry took a moment to acknowledge our work in this arena by naming us a top content provider for Blended Learning. Check out our cool new badge!

Thanks, eLearning Industry! We love a good blended learning program and we're glad it shows. Here's what they had to say about Kineo's contribution to this space.  

Kineo are all about learning designed for results. By bringing together learner-centered design, measurement, and data insights, your learners enjoy the most engaging and effective experiences. Best of all, you see better business outcomes! 

-eLearning Industry

It's always nice to be acknowledged for the quality work that we produce for our clients! We do pride ourselves on being learner-centric while also staying innovative and flexible. But to expand on that just a bit, here are the three core elements that go into our blended learning approach...

  1. Designing Your Learning Blend
    A holistic view of the learning journeys you want to create, with a learner-centric view of what they need, when, and how best to serve them to meet your objectives.   

  2. Make Smarter Decisions With Empowering Insights
    Expert consulting for program design, optimization, and ROI evaluation to help you prove impact and continuously improve.

  3. Focus On Business Outcomes
    We understand that learning is part of the bigger picture for your organization. Everything we do is designed with results in mind and backed by the data you need to prove it.

For more information, check out the full list of top blended learning solution providers for 2023!