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Kineo listed as Top Content Provider for Mobile Learning 2023

News | 14.02.2023

In recent years digital learning (or online learning, elearning... whatever you call it!) has cemented its position as the preferred medium for workplace learning delivery. But even before the pandemic, plenty of companies were looking to cater for a workforce working away from an office, or with varying levels of flexibility around the tech they use. This is where mobile learning comes in. 

Just like designing webpages for mobile takes a certain level of skill and consideration, so too does designing learning content for mobile. 

The team at eLearning Industry explore this more in their recent round up of the best mobile learning content developers – with Kineo proudly appearing on this list! 

Highlighting our mobile-friendly Adapt authoring tool, eLearning Industry said: 

“To meet the expectations of tech-savvy learners, Kineo place multi-device learning at the heart of their approach. Their mobile-friendly Adapt authoring tool creates content that reformats based around liquid layouts for mobile” 

See eLearning Industry's full list of Top Content Providers for for Mobile Learning for more information.   

We can work with you and your team to adopt a digital-first and mobile-friendly approach to learning, incorporating social learning, personalization, learning pathways and more. 

Take a look at our recent case study examples with Credit Suisse and Life Without Barriers to learn more about our mobile learning approach.