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Being an intelligence-led learning team, with Fosway Group

Webinars | 11.05.2023

The modern organization is, metaphorically, swimming in data. And yet, we consistently hear from Learning and Development teams who are struggling to meet a growing expectation that they be ‘data-led’. But what does being data-led mean? And is it more important to be ‘insight-led' or even ‘intelligence-led’? 

In this discussion with Fosway Group, we delve into the idea of being 'intelligence-led' and how data alone isn’t a differentiator. The real differentiator is how we analyze data, gain insights and influence people to make better decisions.  

Watch the recording as we chat with David Perring, Research Director at Fosway Group and discuss:

  • The difference between data, insight and intelligence - and how you can take advantage of all three!
  • Moving on from SCORM - how learning content analytics takes you further
  • How a pivoting approach can help you continuously improve
  • 3 things that will move you towards being an intelligence-led L&D team

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Your speakers are

Matthew has worked in all manner of elearning and media for over a decade. He loves to combine attention grabbing ideas, storytelling and good UX with solid learning practice. With one eye on the future, Matthew’s passionate about new technologies and platforms for developing skills and knowledge.
As a Technical Team Lead, Pete manages our team of Senior Technical Consultants and Front End Developers as well as taking accountability for the technical robustness and suitability of Kineo’s elearning and learning content. Pete also helps drive forward technical innovation working with our Technical Director and Head of Innovation to identify new opportunities for Kineo to branch into. Pete has a key role in the development of our Adapt framework and technical roadmaps for our proprietary tools and development.