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A recipe for learning success: 6 ingredients for a measurable and repeatable strategy

Blog posts | 09.11.2022


Shaping the future of learning

For market-leading companies, investing in high-caliber people, and meeting their training needs, should always make sense. The practical reality of many training curriculums, however, can be hugely challenging. Where learning is ad-hoc, inconsistent, and focused on completion over outcomes; progressing your business - and individual teams - becomes impossible. 

To get digital learning right, you need the right, measurable, repeatable and scalable recipe for success. We have created a recipe for success toolkit to give you the framework and the clarity you need to move forward with your learning success plan. 

Your recipe for consistent, data-driven and engaging learning, contains 6 ingredients that will help you drive your learning forward.  

1. Processes and Tools: 

Every business, team and individual has different learning needs. Meeting them requires an approach that goes beyond typical content-focused processes. To truly succeed you need a methodology that considers behavior, environment, attitude and more. And that connects business outcomes to engaging and effective learning. 

2. Tech & Innovation: 

Technology plays a crucial role in your digital learning solution and is key to enabling efficient, accessible, effective - and quantifiable - solutions. We know from years of experience and collected evidence that the best learning teams understand that technology is only an enabler of great strategy - not the whole answer! Therefore, the tech always needs to be paired with innovative thinking too. 

3. People & Resources: 

People are at the heart of your business and your learning and development strategy, and that goes for your L&D team too! Even the best people can be hampered by task overload, lack of governance or inconsistent processes. We need to proactively manage demand and put systems in place to forecast demand and onboard staff rapidly when needed. Governance might not be sexy, but it will keep your team and stakeholders happy! 

4. Design Standards: 

A huge part of your success story will be about documenting your standards. These standards will showcase the understanding and guiding philosophies for your outstanding learning experiences. Whilst these standards may feel like unnecessary 'rules’ they are essential to ensure consistency, clarity and professionalism. Whether it's visual design, accessibility, tone, style or other areas; documenting standards forms the basis of your vision, embeds best practices and prevents costly reworks. 

5. Data & Insights: 

Data is the fuel for the digital revolution and L&D is no exception. Set yourself up for success with a learning analytics solution that consistently collects data across learner performance, engagement and user experience. We embed 'always-on' data capabilities into every course we design and develop to ensure you have the insights you need to move forward. 

6. Continuous Improvement: 

 Are you currently evaluating past L&D efforts to improve future performance? When you have proven processes to maintain consistent delivery and deliver evidenced results, project after project, you can build a culture of continuous improvement, and iterate for even greater results, cross-project. We can help you prioritize this so that you can benefit from the continuous assessment, improvement and development of your learning programs. 


Check out the full toolkit to learn more about our recipe for digital learning success and the 6 main ingredients!


Shaping the future of learning

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