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4 key approaches to personalized learning content

Webinars | 06.10.2022

Just like our friends in marketing, as L&D professionals we know that when it comes to online experiences one size does not fit all. But, you probably have hundreds if not thousands of people going through your training programs each year - so how on earth do you personalize for those many people and make their experience feel unique?

Watch our webinar to learn exactly how! 

In our latest guide The Power of Personalization we explored how you can move your learning content beyond one-size-fits-all. In this webinar, we share the 4 key personalization strategies we introduce in the guide and how you can use them to reduce time spent on learning and increase it's effectiveness, including:

  • Why personalize? What are the benefits?
  • How personalization can save you time and money 
  • Four simple strategies for personalized learning content 
  • How to go about it - with clear, real-world examples 

This is your chance to finally get beyond a one-to-many approach to learning. 

Ready to take a results-driven approach to learning? 

Discover how we can help you create better learning experiences. Drop us a line to book a free consultation with one of our learning experts.  

Your speakers are

Cammy has been collaborating with organisations to design online learning programs since 1996. An active speaker and blogger, Cammy gets fired up about instructional design, avoiding the trap of clicky-clicky bling-bling, and ways to use technology to create real behavior change.
Paul has over 15 years’ experience in the elearning industry. He was responsible for the development and implementation of the Adapt Learning responsive design framework. Paul's contributions to technology innovation have been integral to the business and in 2015 he was recognised as Elearning Designer of the Year.