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The Kineo view on: Compliance elearning

Compliance elearning that works – defining your North Star 

Compliance-based learning and training courses can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money. And we know that we don’t always get the learning experience right for our employees. So, what can we do about it? We’re taking the time to get our head around the common problems associated with compliance elearning and offer some practical help.  

Explore how you can get compliance training right with our deep dive briefing below. And download the PDF guide to see exactly how our five design principles for compliance learning can be applied within your organization.  

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The problem statement

What’s the problem?   

Kineo have been exploring the enduring issues with compliance training, taking a broad view of the current landscape and the common, real world challenges learning and development teams face when it comes to compliance elearning. More stick than carrot, anyone? 

The people paradox     

We believe the secret to pleasing all your stakeholders lies in balancing their different needs, but this is easier said than done. Where is the sweet spot? And how do you ensure the sometimes conflicting needs of your audience are met? From employees, to regulatory compliance departments and everyone in between, we’re seeking effectiveness for all. 

Design principles for compliance    

The underlying requirements driving the design of compliance elearning today are changing. We’re responding to those requirements by adapting our design principles for compliance learning content.  

Redefining the challenge

Out with the old and in with the new        

We’re tackling age old issues with compliance training to understand and harness new opportunities. Considering the enduring challenges, evolving perspectives on compliance-based learning and key factors such as cost effectiveness, delivery and post-delivery.

A culture of compliance         

Easy to say, hard to achieve. How do you build a culture of compliance? We don’t have all the answers, but we do share some insights from the field of psychology and neuroscience that can set you on the right path. 

Methodologies for innovation 

Transform the compliance elearning of old using design thinking, human-centered design and learning experience methodologies. All of which will help you to innovate and refresh your thinking and designs. 

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Driving change  

A staged approach to change

Leverage design patterns and good UX principles, and learn from the way start-ups ‘pivot’, to drive change in your compliance learning experiences. How to take an iterative approach to compliance elearning development.

Market your learning    

Take a campaign-based approach to market your compliance courses and see that journey through after the event to make a huge difference to learner engagement and learning retention. Here’s how to think like a marketeer and attract the results you want.

Data driven design       

Use measurement tools to make evidence-based decisions about where you want to take your compliance-based learning content and why. Use data to prove that you’re creating a compliance solution that works. 

Seven steps to success  

Key takeaways and resources

We conclude with our top tips for transforming your compliance elearning, and a round up of some of the best resources we’ve found to help you.

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Download our guide ‘Compliance learning that works’ to explore the 5 design principles at the heart of our compliance learning approach.