Managing your workforce compliance and risk

Deliver effective compliance programs in a changing world 

Many businesses have experienced disruption that's resulted in unprecedented challenges to compliance and workforce management. Regulations, security and safety measures had to be re-written overnight and now continually need to refined as government restrictions and penalties remain in flux – creating prime opportunity for new risks and for existing ones to slip through the cracks. There’s also been a big shift with how and where everyone works. While some thought this would be a temporary shift, there are many businesses adopting permanent policies to enable flexible and remote working - even ones that had zero plans to ever permit this.

The challenges you might be facing

In this state of change, there are several challenges facing businesses, especially in compliance and workforce management:

  • Ensuring business and workers are compliant with the most recent government guidelines
  • Making sure employees are safe and equipped with the tools they need
  • Managing employee, contractors and third-party qualifications, training and clearance
  • Monitor site access for security purposes but also for contact tracing.

Crack your risk and compliance challenges

Need support managing your workforce compliance and risk management? We can help.

Where do you start?

It is important that every organization actively monitors the attendance of everyone you employ at every worksite, building and location. Ensure that everyone who works for you feels confident with their own safety and can continue to effortlessly connect, access and complete all prerequisite to undertake the work or onboarding requirement to do the job at hand.

The right technology is key in the distribution, management and support of compliance and employee management. Communication is paramount in relaying information and re-affirming company policies and procedures as well as any changes. Times of change breed uncertainty, and so it is the businesses responsibility to ensure their workforce knows what exactly is expected of them. Management should be given the tools to support their teams and achieve business goals.

How we can help?

Kineo can help you navigate changing policies and ways of doing work with consultancy, management training and bespoke platform solutions to support your managers and employees.

Find out more about Kineo’s compliance solutions and support.

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