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Designing effective digital learning

Create great online learning experiences 

With widespread remote working becoming a reality at a much faster pace than anticipated, the need to connect and support teams in meaningful ways has grown even greater. With so much still in flux, we’re working with you to prepare for now, and for ‘the new normal’ and how that will look in six 12, or 18 months’ time.

Whether it's our catalogue of off-the-shelf courses to upskill your staff or existing training converted to something more custom, we have the tools to get your training online fast.  

The challenges you might be facing

Virtual learning is becoming an increasingly popular delivery component in the modern workplace. The advantages of providing short, live online and synchronous learning that can be combined more easily with a learner’s flow of work are becoming increasingly well recognised. Shorter durations, easy global reach, reduced training delivery and subsistence costs and opportunity to link with other digital approaches and technologies. But how to you begin to build effective virtual learning?

  • Understanding the new blend
  • How to create learning experiences, not just online learning
  • Choosing the right virtual classroom technology
  • Structuring a virtual classroom session
  • Engagement and best practice delivery for digital programs

Take your digital delivery to the next level

We know how to create great virtual learning programs, from training to learning experience programs.

Where do you start?

Deciding to deliver any new training virtually is a great step forward to supporting your teams. If it’s a simple information sharing session as part of a wider blend, a webinar could suffice – but for more in-depth training needs, a virtual classroom could offer the functionality you need. We’ve produced self-service guides to support you through design, development and delivery of everything from full scale learning to virtual classroom sessions here:

How we can help?

Avoid the need to conduct face-to-face inductions by using our virtual onboarding tools and courses to build and assign online training. Deliver interactive content such as corporate inductions, site inductions, policies and procedures using content pages, videos, audio, assessments, acknowledgements and even upload your content. We are helping many organizations make onboarding, training, upskilling and ensuring your people understand the requirements of working for your company seamless with an efficient and effective onboarding process.