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Innovative onboarding and induction programs for a thriving work culture


Help new team members belong and be productive from the start

It’s as true at work as anywhere else: first impressions matter. You want your new people to feel they’ve made a great decision to join you, and the onboarding experience plays a big part.

You want the first learning experiences new members of the team have to set the right tone. That means your induction needs to be quality, consistent and a good experience. We can help you get there.

Our approach

We create innovative induction programs that extend beyond the start date

We create a sense of belonging

Emotions run high when starting a new job, so above all, we help make new hires feel like they've made the right choice and immerse them in your work culture. We encourage kicking things off with a pre-induction elearning before they start and keep the momentum going with a staff induction program.

We help communicate your mission

We help new joiners believe in what you stand for so that everyone works towards the same mission. We'll create onboarding elearning so you have a consistent message and share your organization’s story – where you’ve come from, what you believe in and what it means to be part of the team.

We help change behavior

Values underpin what it means to be part of a new organization. We help your people to start making decisions and acting in line with your values. How? Through scenarios and challenges, which put your values and procedures into action, with feedback from experts.

We show you go above and beyond

We'll demonstrate to your new hires that they've got the support they need as they transition into their role and become a productive member of their team. We can help you develop the learner journeys in your induction portal and development opportunities to show you care.

How can we help you?

Helping you attract, engage and develop your new joiners

Learning content

Onboarding and induction needs to be as unique as your brand to motivate and engage. With content that's accessible everywhere, you'll set the right tone as an organization that cares about their people.

Blended staff induction programs

We can provide the consultancy and resource development for your learning and support materials to create an effective, end-to-end induction program.

Engaging learners from the start

You want your new hires to get their information from you, not Google, or that guy a few desks down who takes sloppy shortcuts. So you need to make your learning the go-to place.

Induction and onboarding portal

From pre-induction and onboarding elearning through to continual learning experiences, our onboarding platforms will support your learners at every stage.

A new work culture embedded early

New hires will often fall into the same patterns as those around them, so if you want to create change and change perceptions about learning and development, you need to get everyone onboard.