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A design led LMS with a new user interface for a rich learning experience

About TPG Telecom

TPG Telecom is one of Australia’s largest telecommunication companies and operates a number of leading mobile and internet brands, including Vodafone, TPG, iiNet, Internode, AAPT and Lebara. TPG Telecom provides mobile, internet, business and fixed network solutions and is committed to connecting Australia for the better.

Key project features

Kineo Totara
Kineo Social collaboration
Kineo Community adoption


To provide a highly individualised design led learning journey that users love to engage with

TPG Telecom’s L&D team has partnered with Kineo as a solutions provider for over a decade and together they have seen a few learning management system iterations. 

Between 2015 and 2020 technological advancements went gangbusters, and in 2020, a substantial upgrade of TPG Telecom’s existing LMS began with a new look and feel.    

Following an audit with existing learners, a rich, highly visual user experience was imperative, that would also harness social and collaborative immersion with a sophistication that compares with their respective interactions with apps and web experiences outside of the workplace.  


Easy to consume, design led, social and collaborative learning like never before 

TPG Telecom worked closely with trusted partner Kineo to migrate their existing LMS to a Totara solution and mine user feedback trends as a means to provide rich and engaging learning content with detailed reporting functionality. 

A dashboard with a sophistication that compares with popular streaming services  

The LMS dashboard is comparable to other popular consumer experiences, such as Netflix, allowing learners to browse through a broad catalogue of courses at a glance, while using social learning cues to suggest further learning. Content is also organised into topics and pathways, allowing individuals or teams to pursue bodies of related learning, or to even satisfy induction needs for a new learner.  


Record course completions one month after launch, compared to previous 4 years

The look and feel of the LMS has resonated with the workforce, with its consumable style dashboard and emphasis on collaborative learning. 

One month after the LMS relaunch, TPG Telecom’s LMS and L&D team were busy. 25,000 course completions were recorded in month one that surpassed the last 4 years monthly scores by 3,000. These numbers continue to rise.

The impact of COVID-19 has changed the way users consume learning, whereby previously for one visit a learner completed one learning topic - and now per visit - they complete a few tasks. 

There are continuous efforts to move from the old paradigm of typically 6-7 clicks to access learning content and consume new knowledge without a heavy interface.    

97% of the workforce is enrolled on a learning journey and there is an openness for self-direction. The LMS captures attendance and topics are consumed through the likes of LinkedIn Learning library (LIL courses) and links out to external resources (like TED Talks) that focus on the theme, along with additional supporting resources for best of the best learning impact.   

Overall, the LMS meets visual expectation and has the versatility to incorporate all learner training needs, through a blended approach. 

The results can be seen through the user data that is constantly analysed. The metadata, particularly reporting for leaders and their teams, will provide insight to the TPG Learning Hub roadmap and future enhancements.    

Commenting on the TPG Learning Hub, Bevan Preston Learning Solutions Designer added:

“Our company purpose talks about creating vibrant, connected communities. We see our platform as a vibrant, connected community of learning. This has always been a central tenet of our learning philosophy here, that by seeing learning take place around you (particularly your peers), that this encourages curiosity and participation as an organic and natural driver of learning behaviour. It is antithetical to the idea of forced/pushed learning, where the learner must complete the content because they have no choice. We see learning as a collaborative, curiosity-driven, community bound behaviour”.

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TransGrid provides electricity to more than 3 million households and businesses across NSW, the ACT and other states.

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