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An immersive and interactive experience for Rolls-Royce

About Rolls-Royce 

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has been pushing the boundaries and shaping the idea of perfection, resulting in instantly recognisable and iconic motor cars. The latest addition to the product range is Black Badge. A new permanent model line, Black Badge continues the evolution of the brand, appealing to customers outside the traditional audience that one might associate with Rolls-Royce. 

Key project features

Kineo Gamified challenge
Kineo Multi language
Kineo Multi-device


Ensuring all dealers have an in-depth understanding of Black Badge

Rolls-Royce tasked Kineo with the challenge of producing a course for Rolls-Royce dealers that would match or exceed the previous Dawn WBT and would reflect the darker, more dynamic nature of Black Badge. Given how well the Dawn dealer training had been received within the Rolls-Royce dealer network, the bar was set high for us to exceed expectations.

Dealers had already seen the striking Black Badge launch video and been given detailed information on the model specification. Now they needed to be able to recognize potential Black Badge customers, identify unique features and benefits of Black Badge cars and understand the brand story and proposition to sell it with confidence. Short on time, dealers demand a compact, practical but highly engaging learning experience. And that’s where Kineo came in.

The objective was to provide dealers with an understanding of the Black Badge brand and the ability to identify potential Black Badge customers. Given the subtlety of message, it was essential that dealers were provided with the correct nuance which would enable them to identify whether customers might be interested in Black Badge, without diminishing their potential interest in other Rolls-Royce motor cars. The approach could not be one of absolutes – right or wrong – but needed to be one of potential preferences.


Delivering a powerful impact

The solution needed to reflect the bolder, more assertive nature of the car itself and make a powerful impact. So we used cutting-edge interactive video technology to create a learning experience that was more engaging and immersive than anything Rolls-Royce had delivered to its dealers before. Combining the distinct Black Badge brand and stunning marketing material under the overarching Rolls-Royce brand, enabled us to deliver a solution that felt both familiar and different to Rolls-Royce dealers.

Because the focus of the elearning is to provide learners with Black Badge brand awareness and excitement to sell the car to prospective customers, video and audio were the perfect media to convey that learning. We seamlessly integrated new footage with the Black Badge launch video and matched the whole to the Rolls-Royce brand CI to maintain the luxury brand look and feel.

Three distinct aspects

The learning has three distinct aspects enabling the learner to engage and review the learning.  

Explore Black Badge

Learners access key learning messages by selecting a variety of hotspots positioned along the timeline of an overarching video. Each hotspot is revealed to the learner at the relevant point on the video. This interactive content was presented in a variety of ways, including video clips of an expert describing and pointing out features of the car, short and snappy pieces of text with supporting graphics and formative questions to dispel misconceptions.  

Take the challenge

This gamified, scenario based quiz requires dealers to qualify two customers who walk into their dealership. If they correctly identify a customer, they then have to try and make a sale by explaining the brand story and features of the car as well as answering questions from the customer. It’s a rich multi-media experience, interspersed with questions that include high-end video of the customers exploring the car overlaid with audio narration.  


Lastly, there’s a supporting library of further information on Black Badge. It’s available on the menu at all times, enabling it to be accessed either during the learning experience or as a refresher whenever dealers need it.  


A sleek and sophisticated solution that matched the brand

Rolls-Royce were delighted with our sleek and sophisticated solution, having surpassed the high bar previously set by our elearning solution for Dawn. Not only are they pleased with the solution, but also with the level of service Kineo was able to provide and our ability to deliver the project on time, and within budget.  

"Working with you on Black Badge was a pleasure. Right from the kick-off meeting back in April it was clear to us that you understood the brand, the Black Badge concept and what we needed to achieve with the WBT, all of which definitely helped expedite progress on the project. As you know we’re delighted with the finished product and confident that it will receive similar accolades to those received with the Dawn WBT. Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication on our behalf."  

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Building an engaging, learner-led solution to upskill dealers for the product launch of Rolls-Royce Dawn.

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