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Red Hat creates an integrated learning journey to improve learner engagement 

About Red Hat 

As a leading provider of enterprise open-source solutions, Red Hat uses a community-powered approach to deliver high-performing Linux, cloud, container, and Kubernetes technologies. Their core business offering lies in helping businesses standardize, integrate, automate, secure, and manage complex digital environments, along with developing cloud-native applications.  

Red Hat Results

Kineo 182% growth in continuing ed credits 
Kineo 300% growth in users 
Kineo 700%+ growth in course completions 


To create a user-friendly, frictionless learner journey  

Employee development is a key investment at Red Hat. However, before starting to work with Kineo five years ago, their learning management system was proprietary and restrictive. In addition to an LMS, they had several other learning platforms that existed in silos with little or no integration. Unfortunately, this provided a sub-optimal and sometimes confusing user experience for learners.  

Red Hat wanted to create a better user experience for their learners. One that integrated all platforms into one frictionless learner journey that was easy to navigate and created clear, focused learning paths to accelerate skill development.  Red hat understood that to take great strides toward both creating a more compelling proposition for employees and meeting the skills development needs of the organization.

Three key challenges needed to be addressed:  

  •  Develop back-end integrations   
  • Incorporate a learning experience platform (LXP) to create an environment of always-on learning for employees no matter where they are. 
  • Adopt a structure that provides more rigor to development paths   


Red Hat partnered with Totara to create an integrated learning ecosystem through   

Integrated content systems 

Integrating four separate content systems into one single interface that simplifies the learning experience.  

Skills development 

The new learning system encourages employee skills development, one of Red Hat’s key business objectives.


Building more personalized learning journeys with the help of Totara’s complex audience tool. 

Enhanced reporting 

Aggregating data from four to five different systems to take advantage of Totara’s more robust reporting capabilities.   


A platform that integrates and innovates 

Using Totara Kineo Edition, Red Hat has been able to integrate four separate content systems into one single interface that simplifies the learning experience. From there Red Hat was able to build a content marketplace that includes, in-house developed content and third-party libraries. This created a wide selection of programs with robust curricula to choose from, allowing for a dynamic learning experience.  

Putting skills development at center stage   

The new learning system encourages employee skills development, one of Red Hat’s key business objectives. They can now develop learning pathways to address critical employee transitions and skills development and build a community of continuous learning with user-generated video content and virtual classroom and virtualized labs. 

Built with people in mind 

Totara Kineo Edition’s sophisticated audience management capability gives Red Hat the freedom to build more personalized learning journeys to not only engage learners but also encourage continuous learning and development.

Making reporting look easy 

Red Hat also takes advantage of Kineo’s robust reporting functionalities by aggregating data from up to five different systems seamlessly and evidencing outcomes to drive continuous improvement.


Over the past five years, Red Hat has made significant strides in maturing their learning culture—and it’s still ongoing 

Not only have they created an integrated learning platform, but an entire learning ecosystem. What started as a project to combine different content systems, has grown into creating a robust, intuitive, and inclusive learning platform. The result is a fully-fledged LMS with countless programs based around key learning journeys, recording 309,210 completions in 2021—up from 39,234 in 2016!  

Since launching in 2016, Red Hat’s learner user count has grown by over 300%! Plus, they went from delivering 139,419 continuing education credits in 2016 to 253,776 in 2021—an impressive 182% increase!

Totara Kineo Edition gives Red Hat the freedom to continue to optimize their learning journeys and create more personalized experiences for their employees' skills development.  

  At Red Hat, our employees are as important as our products for our success in the marketplace. 

Therefore, we invest heavily in our employees' ongoing training and development, and Totara Kineo Edition is at the center of our learning ecosystem used to power employee development."   

Tesh Patel, Red Hat