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Blended learning plays a mission critical role in ramping up innovation at ING

ING's Goals

Faced with an acceleration in technological innovation in banking, ING saw the ramping up of innovation at the bank as mission critical. They developed an innovation methodology called PACE, to enable the rapid launch of new products and services. ING had to ensure the PACE methodology became embedded in the company culture, but adoption was being hampered by hard-to-scale classroom training. They needed a blended solution that was scalable and cost effective.

First Year Results

Kineo logo 1,900 learners reached
Kineo logo 70% applied learning in their work
Kineo logo €966k costs saved
Kineo logo 900 days of time saved


Empower ING's customer journey experts to feel confident implementing PACE in their projects, whatever the speed of change

Innovation at ING isn’t about the latest gadgets or gizmos, but rather creating a differentiating experience for customers. PACE, ING’s new way to innovate, combines Design Thinking, Lean Start-up and Agile Scrum into one single process. Using PACE enables ING to bring relevant solutions, that the customer really wants, to the market faster.

Following the successful delivery of an initial face-to-face training experience, and as part of their digital transformation, ING wanted to embrace a modern design, supported by technology, to improve the delivery and uptake of the PACE model across the business. They were looking for high impact, engaging, and interactive learning – all designed to bring the PACE community together through a social and practical learning journey.


ING partnered with Kineo to create a blended learning experience

Scale and reach 

From 483 face-to-face learners globally in 2019 the new PACE Academy blended learning solution reached 1,900 learners in the first year. 

Targeted learning paths 

A full suite of learning resources, mapped to the PACE process, offers a targeted learning path to each individual. 

A learning community 

Learners are invited to join the PACE Community within the learning experience, sharing inspiring success stories and providing visibility of what colleagues are doing around the world. 

Responsive design 

Developed using Kineo’s Adapt Authoring Tool, learning is accessible via any device, is on brand and uses modern web standards to create a compelling learning experience. 


Digital blended learning design 

Working closely with the ING Innovation team, Kineo consulted on and supported a learning design experience that provides employees with a guided learning journey. The full suite of learning provides access to microlearning, practical resources and canvases, opportunities to put theory into practice in a group setting via virtual classrooms, and the opportunity to apply lessons learnt to real problems from current work. 

Resource-based microlearns

Working in collaboration with ING’s service design experts, Kineo delivered a full toolkit of learning resources, mapped to the PACE process. 

Each is designed as a single page microlearn covering core concepts, practical examples, case studies, illustrated examples and access to tools and canvases to use in the workplace. The toolkit was developed using Kineo’s Adapt Authoring Tool, ensuring a responsive design via any device, that is fully accessible, on brand and uses modern web standards to create a compelling learning experience. 

The toolkit is designed for those new to the core concepts, or for learners wanting to return to the toolkit for ‘just-in-time’ support. 

Creating opportunity to practice – virtual classroom

In recent times, digital workplace learning has gone from a nice to have or part of a blend to an absolute essential. Recognizing the challenges of delivering face-to-face training, especially during the pandemic, Kineo consulted on different delivery techniques including virtual delivery. The virtual classroom design helped to put theory into practice in a group setting and apply what they have learnt to a fiction-based case study. 


An award-winning solution 

The programme has won four awards to date, picking up a Gold and Silver in both the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards and The Stevie Awards for Great Employers:

  • Gold - Best Results of a Learning Program, Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards, 2022
  • Silver - Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy, Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards, 2022
  • Gold - Skills Training, The Stevie Awards for Great Employers, 2021
  • Silver - Problem-Solving Training, The Stevie Awards for Great Employers, 2021

The programme was recognised by The Stevie Awards for Great Employers judges: 

“A fantastic guided learning journey, it was great to see the microlearning and practical resources in order to view how you put the theory into practice and focus on real workplace issues and challenges”

“Very well-designed multi-layered training with a diverse set of tools and methodologies.” 


Business Impact

Kineo celebrated the double win at a virtual awards event with ING, in November 2021 – in this video ING summarize what the project and award has meant to the business.

case study

Using cutting-edge interactive video to support dealers following the launch of Black Badge.

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