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Empowering skills for today, tomorrow, and beyond

About easyJet

easyJet is Europe’s leading airline offering a unique and winning combination of the best route network connecting Europe’s primary airports, with great value fares and friendly service.  

easyJet flies on more of Europe’s most popular routes than any other airline and carried more than 69 million passengers in 2022 – with 9.5 million traveling for business. 

The airline has over 300 aircraft on nearly 1000 routes to more than 150 airports across 35 countries. 

easyJet is passionate about building skills that are accessible and transferable to help empower staff for future roles. 

easyJet Results

Kineo 100% learner rating
Kineo Fully integrated learning ecosystem
Kineo Over 50% increase in course completions
Kineo 93% compliance rates


Building a culture of learning with innovation, technology, and creativity

Employing over 14500 staff, compliance training is always top of mind, but to build a true learning culture easyJet understood the importance of creating an engaging and impactful environment as the backbone of their learning. There was a clear need to grow skills across the business and adopt new ways to deliver learning that supported hybrid working. 

Their existing Kineo platform - Online Learning Academy (OLA), was outdated, (Totara version 2.7) and had been left to languish with little or no maintenance. This resulted in drop-offs in use and engagement as users became stuck and no longer explored the system for learning.  

Almost all training was done face-to-face which made reporting manual and difficult. 

Reporting was scattered and didn’t offer deeper insights to understand if training had worked. HR and performance development systems worked in silos making learning disjointed and leaving gaps.

The LMS also lacked capabilities that help personalize and streamline training, offering limited customization and versatility which led to a poor user experience and low adoption.   

But the challenge wasn’t limited to just the platform, easyJet needed to do a complete overhaul of their learning content, to ensure all learning was relevant, personal, and impactful.   

To close the skills gaps and provide a first-class learning journey, they needed to completely transform their learning environment and learning value proposition. 

The solution would need to help easyJet: 

  • Upgrade and enhance their learning environment with a full learning experience suite.  
  • Relaunch OLA with a strong brand identity that builds its ethos of Explore, Learn, Grow.  
  • Revitalise learning content to be accessible, engaging, relevant, and dynamic.  
  • Integrate learning into the flow of work and create a push-pull learning culture.  
  • Remove any unnecessary customizations and unused features to deliver a cleaner user experience and a platform that is easier to maintain.  

In early 2022—easyJet took on the mammoth task to completely revolutionize their learning environment and provide a first-class learning and development destination for their staff, and they chose Kineo as their learning partner to co-pilot with them in their learning journey.  


One solution – multiple outcomes 

Empowering learning experiences 

easyJet upgraded to Totara V17 which gave them the perfect experience platform full of rich versatile features and the ability to scale engagement and performance management

Building first-class content 

easyJet did a full overhaul of content and revitalized and added new learning that hit the sweet spot of engagement. 

Breathing the brand 

To ensure adoption easyJet completely revitalized the look of OLA with a brand-led, catchy design.    

Closing the gap in reporting 

The cherry on top is Kineo Analytics, which provides customized dashboards that bring reporting to life. 


Building a learning culture through engaging experiences

The solution was a true collaboration and partnership between easyJet and Kineo to create a perfectly blended learning experience that was engaging and versatile. The refreshed platform would support the ethos of ‘Explore, Learn, Grow’. It aimed to embed a learning culture that empowered, developed, and retained staff, particularly during the pandemic, where many roles were displaced, making skills transferable and ensuring development and growth during and after the crisis.  

To kick start the project, easyJet did a full overhaul of all learning content including libraries, courses, and programs, removing outdated content and adding new courses to align with a variety of delivery types.    

easyJet took full advantage of the rich capabilities available on Totara to ignite their blended learning approach. Integrating a variety of learning approaches that supported blended learning to create an always-on, engaging experience for staff. This includes elearning, virtual Instructor-led training, off-the-shelf learning, and several Project Management & Agile certifications and digital literacy accredited programs. 

Aligning learning content to development and HR process allowed easyJet to create an uninterrupted journey from performance review to continuous development, called ‘My Journey’. This assisted in building a culture of continuous learning and development all in one place. 

Creating a seamless user experience  

For the new OLA to drive a deeper behavioral change it had to become the source of truth for learning. With the ability to integrate other tools such as Workday and their People development hub, they can create immersive, streamlined and uninterrupted experiences.  

This had a dramatic effect on seminar uptake, more than doubling attendance rates since the launch, as well as a large reduction in manual reporting and time saved across teams. 

 Managers and employees can now intertwine new learning into their performance reviews and KPIs, essentially closing the loop to continuous skills development. This is especially important for compliance training that is delivered across the entire business and is the key to keeping easyJet legal and ethical and ultimately in the air. 

Rich features that built engagement 

Motivating staff and encouraging them to engage and adopt learning into their busy schedules is difficult, so the goal was to make learning easy to find and provide a rich brand-led, and engaging experience.  

easyJet utilized Totara's robust tagging capabilities and rich metadata to create a hierarchy of data that aids the automation of assigning learning, making it intuitive and personalized to the learner and supporting a variety of roles. 

The advanced tagging tool also empowers learners to explore and find the learning they want easily.  

Further to this the feedback tool means all data is captured in one place and makes it simple and easy for learners to contribute. 

One platform multiple outcomes  

One of the key advantages of the Totara Kineo Edition is that the platform is a fully integrated one-stop learning, engaging, and performance solution, giving easyJet the ability to scale learning and make it sustainable. 

The next phase of easyJet’s journey was to enhance and customize their reporting using Kineo Analytics. Built within their OLA, Analytics now aggregates metrics from across their training and provides visual dashboards that show a true picture of their learning. They now gain deeper insight into training, from course completions to time spent learning to engagement. This insight is hugely beneficial in creating the roadmap to building future skills, putting L&D back at the head of the table.  Find out more about how they did this 


Creating a thriving and sustainable learning ecosystem    

With Totara Kineo Edition, easyJet was able to revitalize their learning offer and enable the OLA to become the destination for all learning. The improvements to the overall user experience, core features, and the restructuring of the content have transformed the culture of learning in the business. 

The OLA allows learners to take control of their learning and certifications with ease. Admins have also felt the benefits, with a massive reduction in manual support needed. This has also enabled them to spend less time on reporting and more time on learning.  

Seminar attendance rates have more than doubled since launching, going from 7102 completions between July 21 – March 23 to 15492 completions between July 22 to March 23. 

Compliance completion rates have increased from 91% in 2022 to 93% in 2023 

easyJet’s new ‘flight paths’ were very well received and got extremely high scores for learner satisfaction. 100% of learners rated it as very useful. Further to this 92% of learners are very likely to recommend and 8% likely to recommend. 

Because of the huge success of OLA, the demand for learning from the business has increased significantly with requests for new agile content and Microsoft elearning. This was made available and ‘sold out’ in one week. Due to the demand more courses have been added. 

"We have worked hard on our learning value proposition and through the relaunch of the OLA we believe learning is now more accessible, more effective, and more flexible for our learners. Making it easy for our learners to acquire the skills they need for today, tomorrow, and beyond.”   

Sam Screpis, Head of Learning, Talent Development & Engagement at easyJet