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The powerful Learning Management System trusted by millions

The next generation of LMS 

Is your Learning Management System (LMS) holding you back with manual processes and a one-size-fits-all design? 

Supercharge your learner experience with Totara Learn. The flexible, personalised and user-friendly LMS your learners and senior leadership will love.

Our Learning Management System is trusted by over 19 million users in the UK and around the world and is available in over 35 languages. 


Get unrivalled service from a true learning partner 

Your learning needs are unique, and we're obsessed with finding the solutions that support you to develop your learning strategy whilst ensuring that you meet your learners' needs and business outcomes. The difference is Kineo's unrivalled managed services and support that wrap around everything we do, ensuring you deliver on your learning strategy and meet all your learning needs. 

LMS features you’ll fall in love with  

Give your learners a personalised experience from the very start with a seamless, recognisable, and engaging learning experience. 

Get maximum flexibility with intuitive course management, dashboards, audiences, authoring tools and course catalogues that are tailored to your learners' needs. 

Flexible in all the right ways 

Deliver online training on any device with more than 35 supported languages and quickly build and assign courses with a range of interactive features like personalised dashboards, robust reports, integrations and so much more. 

Fully integrated 

We embed ourselves into the fabric of your organisation to align your learning strategy and bring you a fully integrated learning suite. With even more plugins to extend your capabilities and help integrate your platforms, so you get a full view of all learning and development.

Blend and mix learning to suit everyone 

Transform your learners' experience and keep your employees current with blended learning. Totara’s customisable learning management software and mobile learning app are designed to improve completion rates, competence, and more convenient training. Enhance blended and social learning with a single sign-on and easy access to learning through Microsoft, Google or Facebook. 

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Expand your training with multi-tenancy 

Support all stages of your learning lifecycle with extended enterprise LMS delivery. Cater to multiple groups or customers from a single instance of your GDPR compliant, open-source LMS combining a streamlined admin experience with distinctly branded and isolated user environments. 

Don't just take our word for it. See what our customers have to say 

"Engagement levels have been phenomenal, and people are really getting into it. We are seeing some tangible, commercial results, but more importantly, our learners are loving it”. 

Your fully integrated learning platform   

Totara Kineo Edition 

Your all-in-one solution combines the power of Learn, Engage and Perform to bring you a single seamless space to deliver learning, boost engagement and drive performance. 


Tailor your performance management, track learners' progress, and use data to drive your L&D strategy and outcomes with Kineo and Totara Perform. 

Engage LXP 

Inspire and engage your workforce with the power of collaborative and social learning through Kineo and Totara Engage 

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