The importance of being person-centred

Blog posts | 20.07.2022

Logan Vince

Learning Designer at Kineo AU

 If you work in healthcare or aged care, you have likely encountered the term “person-centred care’ before. However, it can be challenging to pinpoint precisely what it means or looks like in practice. For those outside of these fields, the term can create confusion or seem self-explanatory; How can care be provided without being centred on a person?  

Every consumer is different, with their own unique tastes, preferences, and goals. What amounts to outstanding care for one consumer could miss the mark for another, or even cause them distress or emotional harm. Care staff can’t provide quality care without understanding the person they are caring for. 

Person-centred care doesn’t refer to a strict set of guidelines or requirements; instead, it is an approach that places the consumer at the centre of their own care – equal partners in their care, not simply a health report and care plan summary. It involves understanding each consumer as a person, getting to know their priorities and goals, working collaboratively with each consumer to plan idea care, even if decisions may involve risk, and supporting consumers to be as independent as possible.  

Achieving this relies on strong communication and a shared commitment to person-centred care throughout an organisation. 

When consumers can take a more active role in their care, and live life as they choose, it creates a better environment for both consumers and staff, resulting in better health outcomes.   

Kineo Courses latest addition to our aged care library, Person-Centred Care in Aged Careis a 40-minute course that provides aged care staff in residential and home care settings with a thorough introduction to person-centred care, as well as everything they need to implement and practice person-centred care in their role every day. Developed in collaboration with Melissa Sinfield, a recognised subject matter expert in the aged care space, the course uses cutting-edge technological enhancements and art direction to provide learners with a comprehensive yet engaging and user-friendly experience. Using animations, interactive simulations, and case studies, the course doesn’t simply cover the theory of Person-centred care; it provides a picture of what it looks like in action!

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Logan Vince

Learning Designer at Kineo AU

Logan is a learning designer working with the Kineo Courses team in Adelaide, South Australia. As a big fan of free time, Logan is passionate about creating e-learning experiences that cut through the fluff to provide learners with what they need to know without consuming too much time or boring them out of their seats!

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