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Palliative care and dementia. An individual approach for quality-based living

Blog posts | 26.05.2022


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Palliative care is a service provided to individuals who have been told that they have a serious incurable illness.  Palliative care helps to manage symptoms and improve an individual’s quality of life. The model of care is family-centred, where family and carers can receive practical and emotional support.

National Palliative Care Week (NPCW), is held from 22 – 28 May and the 2022 theme is It’s your right.

"The theme seeks to raise awareness about the rights of all Australians to access high-quality palliative care when and where they need it. One of the great myths about palliative care is that it is only a synonym for end-of-life care. It is so much more than that. Anyone with a life-limiting illness has the right to live as well as possible, for as long as possible."

Kineo Courses acknowledges and supports Palliative Care Australia, the national peak body for palliative care that provides support to carers that help people to live their life as fully and comfortably as possible when managing a terminal or life-limiting illness. Our workplace digital learning offers practical training to healthcare and aged care workers that look after all individuals in a health or aged care setting.

The recently developed End Stage Dementia course has been created with subject matter experts Frontline Care Solutions that specialise in consultancy and compliance services for aged care providers who strive to deliver high quality person-centered care.

This course helps aged care workers provide effective, person-centred care through the difficult end stages of dementia. It maintains a focus with training modules on helping to achieve care for the consumer’s emotional, spiritual, social and cultural requirements.  The training emphasises a collaborative approach towards entering palliative care.

The course is suitable for all workers with consumers living with dementia, including personal care workers and assistants-in-nursing working in residential aged care or those providing home care in the community. It encourages a multi-disciplinary team approach to care, requiring coordination and communication with an individual’s other care providers.

The End stage Dementia courses forms part of a series of Dementia focused elearning and has been designed to maintain consistency with Kineo Courses existing Understanding Dementia training, ‘What is Dementia?’‘Person-centred Care’ and ‘Effective Communication’

Kineo Courses. With workplace learning that delivers real impact, we empower the growth of an organisation, by empowering the growth of an individual. 

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Shaping the future of learning

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