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Blog posts | 15.08.2022

Sally Tutill

Nurture Marketing Specialist at Kineo AU

Safe Work Australia has reported that mental health conditions cost businesses 26 weeks and $45,900 in compensation each year, compared to physical injury that costs 5 working weeks in time lost and $11,919 in compensation. 

With higher risk industries carrying an elevated risk of mental health injury, it’s no surprise that this is a growing concern for our tradespeople, and those that manage their safety and wellbeing day-to-day.

A staggering one in two Australians experience a mental issue during their lifetime and as many as one in five each year according to MensLine Australia. Add to that a reported 190 construction workers that suicide each year in Australia and with rates of depression and anxiety increasing even more the fact many tradies are tight lipped about these issues, it's a subject quite literally of grave concern.

Those that are troubled by mental illness tend to hide it at work for fear of being judged. With one in two individuals refusing to speak up for fear of being discriminated against,  there’s progress to be made by employers to destigmatise wellbeing in the workplace.

Employer responsibility to positive mental health in the workplace

If you are responsible for the physical and psychosocial welfare of tradies in your team, our friends intelliHR, have graciously provided insights for how to have a mental health conversation with your staff. Check out their 3-step guide to help organisational leaders get over that first hurdle and engage with individuals that may need support. 

Kineo has proudly partnered with intelliHR for over a year. This partnership has been mutually beneficial in providing native training integration that benefits both intelliHR and Kineo customers, making onboarding and ongoing training more efficient - and enjoyable!

We believe that bringing performance and training data together is critical to understanding an employee’s development. Our values for supporting individuals in the workplace, signposts readers to managing those difficult conversations. Our spotlight on tradies during Tradies Health Month explores the impacts of work related psychological injuries and illnesses. These have a significant negative impact on the workers themselves, their families and business. 

It’s in everyone’s interest for all parties to optimise working practices to minimise accidents and injury due to suboptimal workplace and workforce management.

If you liked the blog linked above, it’s important to note that handling mental health in the workplace is a continuous priority, rather than a single box-tick exercise. For employee mental health and wellbeing practices to have the intended effect, they should be evaluated and revised on a regular basis. 

intelliHR’s Mental Health Toolkit provides a suite of resources, expert advice and a step-by-step guide on how to create a mentally healthy workplace.

Suitable for tradie workplaces, this is a great and general resource on understanding and improving workplace mental health and protecting against the complexity of mental illness. Expected takeaway learnings include:

  • Four-pronged strategy: Educate, Connect, Measure, Act
  • Workplace wellbeing action plan
  • Psychological safety exercise
  • Performance check-in survey
  • Mental health risk assessment tool

Digital learning support for tradie workforces

Through the month of August we will be sharing tips and tools from our network of partners and subject matter experts to assist organisations and individual tradies alike in Tradies Health Month.  Avoid psychosocial hazards, injured workers, post traumatic stress disorder and start with young people entering the workplace with Kineo Courses' 5 essential online workplace courses for tradies includes  key learning topics that have been split into compliance, training and physical and mental wellbeing and blog; Tradies and the importance of mental wellness.

Through the medium of learning content we can offer a giant puzzle piece to help you and your workers be compliant, safe and resilient. Start a conversation with intelliHR to find out more about their intelligent secure people platform designed for tomorrow’s HR leaders - or take a free trial of Kineo Courses for 14 days.

Stronger together, we’re here to help you build mentally healthy workplaces.


Sally Tutill

Nurture Marketing Specialist at Kineo AU

Since the year immemorial Sally has exercised an avid passion for creativity with words, images and Pilates.  She is most content in the workplace when crafting enticing messages that inspire and engage.

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