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If you're not using data to fuel your learning content, you're missing a trick

Blog posts | 31.01.2023

Jessica Harms

Senior Learning Designer at Kineo US

Every time I hear the opening notes of the little boy singing the “1-877-Kars4Kids" commercial, I want to run away and cover my ears because I know that song will be stuck in my head for hours (days). Even if you haven’t heard this particular marketing jingle, you probably know a commercial (or two!) that gets stuck in your head. Think McDonald’s ‘I’m loving it’ or Nationwide’s ‘Nationwide is on your side’. Wherever we are in the world, we all have a jingle that just won’t stop repeating once we hear it. 

The Kars4Kids commercial has been playing (and raising my blood’s temperature) for nearly 25 years because the data shows that even though “1-877-Kars4Kids" is stuck in my head, the marketing campaign isn't stuck - it's timeless and continuously effective. It’s gone from a radio commercial to a TV ad to netting $100 million raised for charity programmes. Its success is undeniable, despite how irritating the endless echo of it is in my head!  

This is a small but powerful example of how data powers marketing - and how it can be used to improve business. 

The best marketing teams use data to increase the success of campaigns and ensure that resources are used effectively. And now, the best learning and development teams are using data to do the same. 

Are you using data to improve your learning content? 

Without data, you could be spending resources on ineffective learning experiences. And you won’t be able to prove your learning initiatives' impact and your department's credibility! 

We cannot afford to ignore data anymore. As budgets are increasingly under pressure, teams need a better way to understand how their learners engage with the experience. And this means getting real results from your investment. 

Today’s data landscape has changed, and we’re going beyond SCORM with Kineo Analytics. Kineo Analytics captures learning data that helps you better understand the effectiveness and impact of your digital learning experiences. It captures four data dimensions: learner’s competence, perception, engagement, and reaction. It’s a standard (free) tool in all our Adapt Learning experiences.  

How can you use data to fuel your learning experiences for the better? 

Kineo Analytics helps us analyse data on learner behaviour, preferences, and trends to measure the effectiveness of learning initiatives so you can: 

1. Identify areas of improvement: 

By analysing learner behaviour and preferences data, teams can assess areas of the learning experience that may need improvement, like unengaging content or a tricky assessment question that needs more support. 

2. Optimise learning strategies: 

Teams can use data to optimise their learning strategies and tailor them to their learner’s needs and preferences. For example, if data shows that learners prefer certain types of content or delivery methods, teams can prioritise those in their learning initiatives. What would you do if you knew learners never open accordions or fast-forward through your animations? 

3. Measure the impact of learning initiatives: 

Data can help teams measure the impact of their learning initiatives and determine whether they are achieving their desired outcomes. This can help teams understand what is and is not working and make necessary adjustments. 

4. Demonstrate the value of learning initiatives: 

By collecting and analysing data on the effectiveness of learning initiatives, teams can demonstrate their value to stakeholders and secure support for future initiatives. 

What could you do with data that measures your learner’s competence, perception, engagement, and reaction? The possibilities are endless! 

Data doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult to understand. With Kineo Analytics, we are bringing data to the forefront and making it simple and straightforward for teams to optimise their learning strategies. Maybe even as simple as remembering the tune of “1-877-Kars4Kids”. 

Get in touch to learn more about using data to enhance and fuel your learning content.  

Jessica Harms

Senior Learning Designer at Kineo US

Jess makes people's jobs easier by designing training using the latest behavioural and cognitive science to build confidence and competence. Combining her experience as an award-winning educator and theatrical director, Jess reimagines learning by focusing on how the learner will feel to create more 'aha' moments.