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Elearning examples from Kineo that span multiple industries

Blog posts | 19.02.2020

Dan Muller

Content Marketing Manager at Kineo US

At Kineo, we pride ourselves on great digital learning. But instead of telling you about our quality work, we feel it’s better to show you. In this blog we’ll take a look at some of our elearning project portfolio, so you can get a sense of some great elearning examples and inspire ideas within your own organisation. These cases cover everything from platform solutions to unique, bespoke learning content across multiple industries. You can also follow the links below to get the full story!


Bridgestone’s Totara Learn platform is always evolving to keep their products top-of-mind and to grow engagement via gamification. Throughout the Totara implementation, Kineo collaborated closely with Bridgestone’s stakeholders to ensure information seamlessly went back and forth between different systems. These integrations gave their learning platform unique and dynamic functions, like the ability to track actions and generate reports. Face-to-face training sessions could also be conducted via the platform. Additionally, all of the content and learning materials are easy to find through menus and filters.


One of the most-unique features of this Totara Learn platform was the algorithm that was developed to award point values for training activities. Users are able to compete and earn points through actions, like participating in forums or completing courses. They also rolled out a new quiz functionality that's tied to certain educational courses. By incorporating this with a monthly drawing, it gets dealers to routinely visit the learning platform to build their knowledge of Bridgestone’s latest products and gain selling skills. 

And because everything was built on the open-source Totara Learn, it gives them the ability to constantly build upon what they already have and stay ahead of the competition. You can check out the full story of Bridgestone's LMS implementation here

California Academy of Sciences

The California Academy of Sciences teamed up with Kineo recently to develop a learning solution for the facilitators of their Science Action Club. These educators previously used an educational training that was clunky and difficult to navigate, so Kineo teamed up with them to get feedback and build a new online training user profile and high-level design document. The bespoke content was focused on two categories of learners: novice educators and experienced educators.

The new training solution uses the Adapt plugin for a high level of user interactivity within a continuous flow. Each click guides the educators through a cohesive workflow of relevant information to help foster student's interest in science. Videos are also embedded into the course for a more-focused experience and content can be accessed directly from third parties to accommodate licensing and permissions.

The launch of this new program helped the Science Action Club develop scalable training for activity leaders and educators by making it more accessible. Through the program, they can easily create learning experiences for students and it has helped grow their overall enrollment. While their old version required many clicks to navigate the platform and left many users feeling lost, this refreshed interface and updated design made for a more engaging and easier experience that helped them onboard many new facilitators. You can check out the full story of their unique learning program here.  

International Association of Fire Chiefs

One of Kineo's most unique case studies comes from the IAFC, and that's because they faced such a specific challenge. The organisation was experiencing an amount of turnover that was higher than ideal among their base of volunteer firefighters. They needed to implement a training program that equipped their leadership staff with stronger business and administrative skills to improve morale.

Given this challenge, Kineo and the International Association of Fire Chiefs designed and developed The Volunteer Administrative Leadership Series - an interactive learning experience that focuses on practical, applicable knowledge. This is done through digital storytelling, with a series revolving around a fictious fire station. Learners are given scenarios and must make decisions throughout the training. As the story progresses, they see how each decision in the course impacts the station’s overall morale.

The courses also include an interactive chart where participants can view their history of performance and return directly to the challenges to improve their morale scores. Key takeaways are presented in virtual index cards online, but there's also a blended learning approach to this portion. Those who attend the instructor-led follow-up sessions walk away with a physical deck they can reference on an ongoing basis. For more information, you can learn more about how IAFC better trained their leaders here.

Levi's Strauss & Co.

Levi's is a brand many are familiar with, but that can come with its own share of challenges. With such a far reach, it can be very difficult to get all of your partners on the same page. That's why they worked with Kineo to develop the Partner Playbook - a digitally interactive application that houses best practices, trainings, case studies, and expectations of the franchise partners.

This brand-inspiring digital partner playbook tells their franchise owners everything they need to know about how to successfully run a Levi’s business, from selecting the best store sites, negotiating with landlords, merchandising the store, hiring and training employees, and much more.

The Playbook was designed for a dual audience—internal teams and external partners/landlords. In addition to being interactive and intuitive, it also makes it easy to add updates and push fresh content. The program design also had special customised features, including a language selector, glossary search, and progress tracking features. All of this was packaged in a sleek design that was made for measuring results. Learn more about the Levi's Partner Playbook here.


Last year Watts partnered with Kineo to implement a new custom Totara LMS to train both internal employees and their extended enterprise partners. In addition to a refreshed, branded interface, it also has an auto-audience assignment feature that helps users register quickly in their respective roles. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of this elearning project was the integration of Motrain's gamification plugin.

The plugin added a unique aspect to the platform that became a driving force for driving engagement among Watts employees. The platform rewards learners for actions (like course completions) with digital tokens. These tokens can then be collected and redeemed within their learning platform for unique, Watts-branded lifestyle merchandise.

The plugin also seamlessly integrated the logistics component of the fulfillment process with Watts' existing supplier. It even gives their learning directors customisable options to set parameters around the token values of each course and modify how much learning is required before users are eligible to redeem the tokens. This also allows them to incentivise certain courses within their network and promote learning around larger company initiatives. You can learn more about the Watts Learn and Earn Program here.

Dan Muller

Content Marketing Manager at Kineo US

Dan Muller is the Content Marketing Manager at Kineo US and will occasionally post his thoughts around custom elearning content and digital trends on the Kineo blog. He's not an expert, but he is a life-long learner, which seems relevant.