Additional workplace training topics for the disability sector

Blog posts | 07.03.2022

We strive to meet the workplace training needs of the disability sector in partnership with leading Australian Disability Service Provider, Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA).

The partnership between CPA and Kineo was established as both parties shared direct clients through online learning. CPA’s deep knowledge of disability combined with Kineo’s learning expertise had a shared vision for providing co-created courses containing practical best practice learning content.  

With a focus towards improving the access and grade of digital learning for the disability sector, our latest courses could be relevant for learners in your organisation. Learn more about the vision for this working relationship in the CPA case study.

Likeminded organisations collaborating to support the community

Mealtime Assistance

The first course we are looking at today won a 2021 Gold LearnX Award in the category of ‘Best Shift-It-Online eLearning Design.’ Mealtime Assistance is a 45-minute course for disability support practitioners and other support workers.  Learners will gain information on enjoyable mealtimes, safe eating and drinking procedures and improved nutrition. It outlines strategies on how to facilitate safe mealtimes for clients by following their individual mealtime plans.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Senior Manager Judy Williamson added:

 “The aim of this course is for learners to develop skills to support people with a disability to have enjoyable and safe meals. From the initial stages of development, our goal has been to create a comprehensive, engaging, cost and time effective learning solution to support disability support workers at CPA and across the sector in mealtime assistance.”

Pressure Injury Prevention

is recommended for disability support practitioners and will equip learners with the knowledge and skills to prevent pressure injuries and provide effective support to clients at risk of pressure injuries.

A pressure injury, otherwise known as a bedsore or pressure ulcer is an area of injured skin. Pressure injuries (PIs) can result in painful prolonged hospital stays, and at their worst, can be fatal. 

As well as an obvious emotional and physical cost to vulnerable people suffering from PIs, organisations face a significant financial burden when these occur. 

Learning outcomes include:

  • Pressure injury risk factors
  • Stages of pressure injury development
  • Pressure injury prevention
  • Equipment used to prevent pressure injury
  • Management of pressure injuries

Our strategy ensures that our future roadmap focuses on exploring further workplace learning opportunities to meet future learner audience needs.

A range of health courses along with work health & safety (WHS) based digital training are available. These courses include the likes of Assist with Medications, Infection Prevention and Control, and key legislative titles such as The Positive Behaviour Support course and DisabilityAware: An awareness and inclusion program

Get in touch. Kineo Courses, we’re here to help. 

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