4 workplace courses to shake off sedentary sluggishness

Blog posts | 18.02.2022


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Has your 'glass' been half full lately? If you work at a desk for your day job and you are stiff, sore, and languid at the end of the week… then your learners will surely echo these lamentations.  

A review of day-to-day working habits could be need of a re-jig. With higher levels of isolation across the last two years, whether remote working or a hybrid arrangement, there’s undoubtedly less 'va-va-voom'.

Here's a digest of 4 practical courses to help spruce energy levels, and direct better ways of working thus making you show up for yourself, your people, and tackle organisational goals with more vitality.


1.     Healthy Heart Fundamentals

Carrying too much weight is deemed the biggest risk factor to our health, according to recent research published by The Lancet. Simple adjustments can make a positive difference, such as moving more to look after our heart health.  This health and wellbeing course introduces us to the importance of a healthy heart with practical tips on developing and maintaining healthy daily habits.  This course is rated 5/5 stars by learners.

This course has been developed to increase your understanding of the risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

This course will provide an understanding of:

  • the basic elements of a heart-healthy lifestyle
  • the importance of a heart-healthy lifestyle, and
  • how you can make healthy changes to your lifestyle.

2.     Office Ergonomics

Sore lower back or stiff neck? It’s likely that your desk set up needs adjusting. This coupled with better heart health fundamentals will set you on track. Office Ergonomics has been developed to train the learner in how to set up a safe, healthy and productive office workspace, and how to work safely. Check out the animated video introduction for a glimpse into the user experience.

The goal of this practical online training course is to help the learner avoid aches and pains, including from musculoskeletal disorders, related to a poor work environment or poor ergonomic practices.

Developed by a subject matter expert this is an excellent addition to any office-based health and safety training and/or induction training.

3.     Stress Less at Work

  • Nestled in the Health and Safety filter in the Kineo Courses off the shelf library you’ll discover Stress Less at Work. This has been developed to provide your learners with an understanding of workplace stress, and a range of strategies to help manage stress. We understand that learning leaders are challenged when workers aren’t in one place - and are somewhat reliant on the worker speaking up if there’s an issue.  Adapt to best support your learners and have a higher level of communication to 'check-in'. For instance, body language is more challenging to read when not in person, so clear and concise regular touchpoints help with clarity. What can learners expect from this course?  Learning outcomes include a deeper understanding of:
  • what stress is:
  • stress in the workplace, whether that’s remote, hybrid working or at the organisation’s location; and
  • building resilience to stress.

Kineo advocates a positive compliance-centric workplace culture. People want to feel safe and secure whether at work or in their down time. Kineo Courses centres on workforce compliance training, security of data is an important factor to consider in the mix.

4.     Information and Cyber-Security

Rated “Cybersational” by a healthcare worker and with a rating of 4.43/5 stars from 340 learners that have given feedback in 2022 this course, according to another is:

“Well put together and addresses serious and very real threats.”  

No matter where the workplace, a duty of care needs to be adhered to to protect information and identify possible risks.

  • what information cyber-security is and why it’s important,
  • the different types of threats to the security of information and the risk they pose,
  • how to keep information safe, and
  • the important role that everyone plays in maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information within their organisation.

Why choose an online library for your workforce training?

Kineo Courses strives to deliver engaging, modern online training to meet the workforce training requirements of today, making it easy for you to ensure compliance. Kineo Courses offers 100s of workplace training titles, categorised across key workforce training needs:

  • Ethics and Conduct,
  • Health, Disability and Aged Care; and
  • Health and Safety

You can trial our course library and access all areas, free of charge for 14 days.

Kineo, we’re here to help you solve your workplace training challenges.


Shaping the future of learning

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