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How VTNZ brought a diverse and disconnected worker community together

About VTNZ

Vehicle Testing New Zealand Limited is a company based in Wellington, New Zealand, that carries out government-mandated Warrant of Fitness and motor vehicle inspections. VTNZ is the largest vehicle inspection company in New Zealand, powered by DEKRA, the leader in safety across 50 countries.

Key project features

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How to deliver key messages to a disparate workforce whilst building morale across a remote team? 

During March 2020, COVID-19 had begun to affect our daily lives on a global scale, and at that time, VTNZ was forced into lockdown; with Support Office workers operating from their homes and the rest of the business that were unable to work at all.

VTNZ senior leadership wanted their two biggest challenges addressed:

1) How to get information reliably to troops that are not operating from VTNZ branches?

2) How to engage the VTNZ workforce and remain connected whilst apart?  

With a distributed workforce of 85 branches all working from home, the business needed a mechanism to be able to quickly inform workers of changes in restrictions along with health and safety protocols, meeting training obligations and providing additional learning opportunities.


Building a learning based community through a single platform 

 A Totara learning management system was implemented through Kineo as the best fit solution. At the time COVID-19 hit, the VTNZ L&D team quickly responded by creating a dashboard in the LMS enabling VTNZ administrators to quickly respond to company requirements and offer engaging learning solutions.

The goal was to provide a single place of truth with the capability of ensuring compliance, bringing the wider worker community together and boosting morale, virtually. The workforce was consulted, and questions asked: had they seen return to work policies? Did they agree with the approach being taken by the business? Did they have any technical questions that they would like to discuss?  

A blended learning strategy with visual impact for better engagement 

Launched as VTNZ TV; the online platform provides a single place for individuals to log into the LMS, choose their channel and bitesize learning programmes, with links to MS Teams delivered webinar learning content that include interactive Q&A sessions.

Taking a simple navigation approach whereby all content could be accessed via the LMS a blended learning content strategy was adopted with subject matter expert presentations and webinars. Learners choose their channel from a list: technical, customer service, driver testing, branch/ assistant manager.  

Learning content was created internally as the subject matter is specific to the business. The technical training focused on topics like driver testing and health & safety. Also training for managers around employment relations.  


100% uplift in engagement from most disconnected work group

VTNZ TV was successful as people were isolating in their homes and many couldn’t carry out their regular duties.  The system was made to be easy to use and the simplicity made for a positive experience.  It is envisaged that the level of success will lessen with people having returned to work    

The level of engagement from one particular work group was the most surprising, with a 100% uplift.

New reporting capability provided insight that showed gaps in learning that has since been applied and refresher training has been modified to meet these needs.

What’s next? Webinar structured direct manager training has been planned as a direct result of VTNZ TV.  Tutorials in combination with the delivery of practical face to face training to staff will be rolled out as part of the induction process.  This has been deemed to be the best strategy for learning, where most workers speak English as a second language. 

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