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Trillium creates a flexible learning platform that builds partnerships and transforms lives

About Trillium

Trillium Health Resources is a leading speciality care manager (LME/MCO) for individuals with severe substance use, mental illness and intellectual/developmental disabilities in eastern North Carolina. They partner with healthcare providers and community stakeholders to build and strengthen foundations of well-being, provide resources for those in need, and help strengthen connections among communities.

Trillium Results

Kineo Increased engagement
Kineo Time savings
Kineo Cost savings
Kineo +1,500% growth in completed courses

The Challenge

Create a centralised, flexible and trackable LMS for multiple audiences

Trillium Health Resources partners with thousands of healthcare providers and hundreds of internal staff across various scenarios, and their main focus is helping each person they serve get the services they need. Because their “help” comes in many different forms, they needed one centralised resource to address the specific needs across their various audiences.

Their platform, “My Learning Campus”, is their primary touchpoint with all stakeholders. But, because not everyone accessing the platform is doing so for the same reason, it needed some customisation. Most importantly, it needed to be flexible enough to allow different registration types—from guest registrations to approved registrations and Single Sign-On.

They also wanted a centralised webinar sign-up with calendar invitation functionality that feeds into their third-party video conferencing platform.

Lastly, to boost management accountability for required staff training, Trillium Health Resources wanted the ability to track their staff's growth and development journey.


The fully integrated learning platform built to be versatile

Bringing people and content together

Totara’s audience feature allowed Trillium to segment their users into different audiences for providers, internal staff, staff managers, and testers and serve personalised content across them.

Connecting everyone with Single Sign-On

Using Kineo's Single Sign-On (SSO), internal staff only need to sign on once, making access easier and more accessible.

Building performance and efficiency

By assigning updated permissions to specific personnel and audiences, managers can now access Completion Reports and export them for staff training.


Showing the right content to the right people

Trillium Health Resources uses Totara’s audience feature to easily define their four core audiences: providers, internal staff, staff managers and testers. With over 300 learning courses, audience segmentation allows them to show specific content to specific audiences. Since their content is often sensitive in nature, this is extremely important to them. For example, providers can’t access internal staff training like onboarding programs or staff meetings.

Freedom to connect to all with Single Sign-On

With multiple users accessing My Learning Campus, using Sign-On (SSO), allows internal staff to jump through fewer hoops to access their content—which has been a significant reason for their increased engagement levels. Trillium also uses Totara’s seminar feature to take attendance, get an exact number of sign-ups, email calendar invites, and send out reminders from one place. Recipients also have the flexibility to change their registration dates if needed while notifying their managers or course creators—helping Trillium Health Resources provide an extra level of care and consideration.

Saving time and driving efficiency 

Trillium Health Resources have assigned updated permissions to specific personnel and audiences to allow managers to access completion Reports and export them for staff training. Not only has this saved time, as users no longer have to reach out to an administrator to access the information but it's helped to increase management accountability. 

Another simple change that has freed up key users’ time and responsibility, allowing them to focus their efforts elsewhere—like helping people and making a difference in their communities.


More than 1,500% growth in completed courses and increased engagement

Trillium Health Resources have updated their learning platform to one that caters to their various audiences and encourages engagement from all corners. 

Since moving over to Kineo learning platforms, their course engagement levels have substantially increased—from 866 completed courses in June 2020 to 14,197 as of October 2021. That’s an impressive 1,500% increase!

Trillium Health Resources have also saved vast amounts of time and money by using various Totara Kineo Edition features like permissions, rules and reporting. Plus, the audience segmentation and tracking feature, along with process automation, ease of editing, and other features, have all helped them create more engaging content in less time. Having an all-in-one system that is easy to use means that their team can focus on other duties—without worrying about what their learning platform is up to.

“Helpful to look and see what they have completed or not. I feel more empowered.” 

– Timothy Brill, Content Creator, Departmental Manager