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Ongoing safety: multi-device elearning for The Scout Association

About The Scouts Association

Scouting in the UK is the largest mixed volunteer-led movement for young people in the UK. The Scout Association is supported by over 120 thousand volunteers across the UK.  

Key project features

Kineo Multi-device
Kineo Innovative design
Kineo Flash conversion


A multi-device learning experience

The Scout Association is supported by over 120 thousand volunteers across the UK. These volunteers come from hugely diverse backgrounds and walks of life. Apart from their love of Scouting, what they all have in common is a need to access their learning from any location, at any time and using almost as many kinds of device.  

When The Scout Association came to Kineo with a brief to deliver an engaging learning experience to support their safety agenda, the team knew that Kineo’s Adapt HTML5 framework was the best way to reach as many learners (and their chosen devices) around the UK as possible.  

Apart from the breadth of the technical brief, there was another challenge. Kineo had previously delivered a visually-rich, Flash-based e-learning module to The Scout Association around Safeguarding Awareness. That module had set the bar very high, so Ongoing Safety’s HTML5 design had to punch above its weight to take its rightful place alongside the earlier Flash-based module.  


The Adapt experience

What we achieved with the new design surprised us all. We managed to transfer all the key visual elements of the Flash art direction to the new HTML5 module, and we even managed to recreate some of The Scout Association’s most enjoyed features from the earlier Flash module to the multi-device experience. One such feature was a ‘confidence check slide rule’, which asked a learner to position their level of confidence around the subject matter on a sliding continuum near the start of the course.

Towards the end of the course, but before the final quiz, the learner could revisit their earlier confidence level and review that position in the light of their subsequent experiences throughout the module. In addition to this, the earlier Flash-based module presented the final challenge quiz as an exploratory, scrolling camp site, with questions relating to different contexts within the scrolling environment e.g. around the camp fire or in tents at night time. When we moved to Adapt’s HTML5 experience, we were able to faithfully recreate this exploratory challenge extremely effectively, minus a few visual transitions.  


Pushing the capabilities of Adapt

The new multi-device Ongoing Safety elearning has only recently been launched to the Association’s 120 thousand volunteers, but we’ll be continuing to work closely with the organisation to broaden the curriculum, and we look forward to pushing the capabilities of Adapt even further to enhance the learning experience for so many volunteers. You can view the module on the Scouts website.

"Thank you for your hard work on this project. We found the solutions consultant and the project team always open to feedback and ready to meet our needs. We also appreciate your excellent customer service and communication, which made the process smooth and positive. We’re very excited about launching the first elearning course in HTML5 framework!"

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