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Creating the Rolls-Royce of elearning solutions to launch Dawn

About Rolls-Royce

Since 1904, Rolls-Royce have created instantly recognisable motor cars that have made the marque an icon all over the world. Since becoming a subsidiary of BMW in 1998, Rolls-Royce has continued to create effortlessly beautiful cars, with an all new range that has grown to include Phantom, Ghost, Wraith and Dawn.

Key project features

Kineo Gamification
Kineo Multi-device
Kineo Multi language


A learner-led experience

The challenge, in a nutshell, was to produce the ‘Rolls-Royce of elearning solutions’.

This was Rolls-Royce’s first foray into elearning. Our brief was to provide a piece of engaging learning that supported and informed Rolls-Royce dealer sales staff about the launch of a new 4-seater convertible – Dawn.

The objective was to ensure the dealers were fully informed about the car – it’s styling, the origins of the name, the technology and options – and most importantly, that the dealers were aware of how to sell to the whole new customer base that Dawn was expected to attract to the brand.

The elearning was to ensure the dealers had all they needed to confidently present Dawn to their best customers, to confidently showcase the most relevant features for each individual customer, and ultimately, close sales.

Kineo had to produce a piece of learning that was equally engaging for a sales person with 30 years of experience in selling Rolls-Royce vehicles, as it was to someone who was new, with no prior product knowledge. Based on Rolls-Royce’s needs, Kineo identified very quickly that the solution had to be all about choice – a true learner-lead experience.


Take the challenge

Using Adapt to create a multi-device and user-friendly experience, the course presents the learner with two options upon entering the course: if they are feeling confident, the learner can put their skills immediately to the test or they can choose to find out more about Dawn through the tutorials, before they move on to tackle the challenge.

The interactive challenge allows the learner to make decisions and see the impact those choices have on their customers. As the learner makes the right decisions, they increase their customers’ excitement levels and ultimately their potential sales.

Discover the allure

A variety of short, engaging tutorials provide the learner with key product features and benefits as well as information about how to approach different customers.

The challenge was at the centre of the course. This allows learners to make decisions and see whether they lead to the best results with their customers.

Using realistic customer simulations and situations, we provided learners with a safe environment in which to practise decision-making. Storytelling was at the heart of the challenge. New customers were introduced from a first-person perspective and dropped learners straight into the action: ‘What is it that makes this customer tick? Where should I meet them? Which features of Dawn are most relevant to them?’

Based on their choices, the learner discovered the consequences of their decision. If they’ve made the right choice, they saw the effect this had on their customer and increased their power rating associated with that decision, whether that's getting the customer excited or making that all important sale. To add a layer of pressure, a timer was added on each decision so the faster the learner moves the customer towards a sale, the higher their score.

If learners go straight to the challenge and make wrong decisions, they were linked back to the relevant tutorial before being encouraged to try again. Taking this approach was great for time-poor sales people as it allowed learners who are confident about their sales skills to only look at the tutorials for areas in which they need support.


Great feedback from global audience

The project was delivered on time, within budget, and feedback from Rolls-Royce has been fantastic.

They were particularly pleased with the positive feedback that was received from their overseas audiences - the US in particular, which historically had been a tough audience to impress. The course is currently being translated into Mandarin Chinese, as this is one of Rolls-Royce’s growth markets.

Peter Brooks, Sales and Product Training Manager, was keen to replicate the success of Dawn in future projects:

"We would like to go down the gamification route again. The feedback from Dawn was very positive from the dealer staff - I’ve spoken directly to my counterpart in the US and he’s impressed with the look, functionality and content so, congratulations all round to Kineo the team."

Catherine Doe, Sales and Product Training Specialist, reiterated the positive feedback from the US end users:

"Feedback so far, I’m pleased to report, is very favourable. We were delighted that we were able to satisfy the US with a pre-Christmas release to them. I know it was a tall order, so it’s very much appreciated."