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A leap to a digitally supported customer learning experience

About Maxima

Maxima is a national not-for-profit employment, training and recruitment service based in South Australia and a leading player in the Federal Government’s Disability Employment Services (DES) program, offering specialised DES services to people with disability, injury or a health condition from over 40 national offices. Maxima also helps the business community build a stronger and more diverse workforce and achieve Indigenous employment targets.

Key project features

Kineo Totara
Kineo Fast response
Kineo Multi-device


How to provide online support to customers as an alternative and future proofed means of operating 

At the onset of COVID-19, Maxima Joblink (the division responsible for Disability Employment Services) biggest challenge was the inability to service customer needs face-to-face. 

Maxima had surveyed Joblink customers prior to COVID-19 looking for feedback on how the service could be improved, and to understand customer preferences better.

The feedback was positive and from the insight gathered, the results showed that while the majority of customers travelled to their nearest Maxima location at the time, many sought flexibility when connecting with their employment consultant. Maxima considered this with the setup of their new online environment. 

The launch of a new learning management system (LMS) was identified as the perfect solution to connect customers with their employment support consultants and continue supporting their customer needs in an online environment.

An online platform means reaching more customers, more often and that means when circumstances prevent face-to-face contact e.g. COVID shutdowns, or individual customer health or access issues; services can still be provided.

Once launched, customers could use the LMS to join seminars, be supported with their resilience and have courses assigned to them as part of their Maxima Joblink experience.


Proving a flexible online solution for a 360 degree Joblink experience

Maxima chose Kineo as their best fit partner to implement a highly branded LMS with learning design and content consultation.

The DES service delivery model had to change with the impact of COVID-19 to allow more direct support to customers at the varying stages in their Joblink journey. The creation of Maxima Learning ‘We see Potential’ helped to solve face-to-face restriction challenges as part of the broader organisational strategy, with the key objective to find employment for customers while meeting developmental needs and pace accordingly. ‘We see Potential’ is easy to navigate with highly relevant learning content and resources that are updated weekly. 


A blended solution that meets individual customer contact and learning needs

  • Speed to market was essential and the development phase successfully completed in eight weeks.
  • Increased engagement for some customers who were struggling to engage face-to-face are now able to connect in person following online connection and support via the learning platform: Maxima Learning.
  • The design of Maxima Learning was deliberately innovative, modern looking and easy to navigate given the large demographic, accommodating youth - happy to work in an online environment, and mature customers that are less comfortable with navigating new technology.  
  • Pre COVID-19, Maxima’s wellbeing resilience program was a five day workshop on five key themes and then, when a digital solution was required; a simplified online program was developed, divided up into fifteen smaller one hour online modules, covering topics such as mindset, positivity and strength.
  • In Maxima Learning, an upcoming seminar schedule with live embedded resources was implemented. This feature presented quick and easy content to engage with.
  • Customers can also engage with additional content (articles, podcasts, weblinks etc.) via the LMS as identified by them or as agreed in consultation with their consultant and in line with their career goals
  • The reporting function provides consultants with high level detail of the customers in their care and covers the likes of appraisals, attendance, course completions and user engagement, so that support and learning is attuned to the individual at their stage of need, while highlighting a future needs roadmap.

A flexible solution to meet evolving future needs  

Following the implementation of Maxima Learning, the organisation now operates a blended solution, with face-to-face employment consultant progress meetings combined with additional alternating touchpoints that are conducted in a digital environment.